Friday, August 2, 2013

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Quiet week on Adventures of a Semper Fi Family.
The boys and I have been hanging out at home. 
No new adventures this week.

I've taken on the roll of observer on Instagram this week.
I've been watching an amazing journey across America unfold daily.
My heart is moved.

If you are not following @TheWoundedWalk yet, then you are 
Which isn't actually true. You still are. Just kind of lame.
There are two Marines documenting their walk across America 
to bring attention to our wounded warriors. 
You know... the men and women who have returned from war for the last 10 plus years 
with life changing injuries.
By the way, how many miles did you walk today?
Yea me too.

While those two Marines are being super cool.
My sons and I were having lunch in the backyard. 
On a popsicle print blanket. 
PB &J, Doritos, and Shasta.

I so desperately want to freeze time.
Next summer they will probably be too old 
for backyard picnics. 

However, they probably won't outgrow the need to
make any random object a weapon.
Perform mock battles with said items.
Or embarrass me in public.
I'm confident we have several years left before that stops.

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  1. The embarrassing in public bit? I think you have a ways to go. I still embarrass my mom on occasion ... and I just turned 27! ;) Good luck!

  2. hahah I love it! I was at the park the other day and I overheard a couple of dads planning a crash scenario.. I was like my gosh arent they old for that crap? I suppose boys will forever be boys!

  3. I creep on their IG daily!! Love it and the cause that they're walking for!! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Haha! My husband is 24 and still stages mock battles. He tried to sneak up on me during a hike using his hands as a gun.