Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stitchfix July 2015

Clearly, I have broken my Stitch Fix hiatus! After the success of my June Stitch Fix delivery, I decide to try my odds at another Fix in July. With my fingers crossed, I obsessively tracked my package from San Francisco to my front porch. I swooped up the little brown box and headed to my room. No ceremonious opening for me, I tore right into it! 

First, I read my note from my new stylist, Leah. By the way, I have never had the same stylist for any Fix. And yet, success! Leah wrote a note that made me so giddy. It was like receiving a letter from a really good friend! I could tell she had taken the time to get to know my likes and dislikes.  Leah went a step above and looked through my StitchFix profile, StitchFix Pinterest board, and my blog. (I'm guessing girlfriend skipped lunch that day ;) I feel the extra effort she put in allowed her to really know my style. She wrote, "…I'm hoping this can be your first 5/5 Fix." I knew before I peeled the teal sticker off the pristine white tissue paper, this girl got me! 
I was going to be spending my entire shopping budget before the month even got started!

Now the fun part! Fashion Show… 

Pixley Brook Dot Print Tie-Waist Top

This was a pin on my Pinterest board. I had written, "Fun print. I'm not sure I would like this on me?? Too safe." I'm actually really pleased with the top. It's the perfect lightweight for summer weather. I'm thinking of all the possible styles with this one piece. The Mavi Aiden Distressed Skinnies are really comfortable. The give a nice shape all around and they are a mid rise just like I prefer. I'm much too old for low rise. I'm pretty sure I've bought all but one pair of pants/jeans Stitchfix has sent me. I never have such luck when I'm shopping on my own!

Mavi Aiden Distressed Skinny Jeans

Daniel Rainn Celina Split Neck Blouse

This is hands down my favorite piece from the July Stitch Fix. 
I love floral prints. I love bright colors. I love lightweight fabrics during these hot months. 
I'm also happy to be adding another item to my work wardrobe.
Excuse my awkward fashion blogger pose. 
I can't imagine anyone ever feels comfortable doing these posts.

Following the style card and matching the Daniel Rainn blouse with a black pencil skirt.
I will definitely put this outfit on repeat during the school year!

Market and Spruce Kesey Romper

Ask and you shall receive!
I wrote a bullet point wish list for my stylist this month. 
Shorts romper was at the top!
and distressed denim...and floral prints
I'm telling you, Leah spoiled me. She must have known it was a rough school year?!?

At first, the print kind of spooked me. I probably would have picked something plain and conservative.
But as any Stitch Fix customer knows, do not judge anything before you try it on. 
I pretty much fell in love. This romper is going to be perfect for summer. 
The beach, pool, or running errands. It's cotton, so no special washing instructions. 
This will be on summer repeat and I think I need about four more shorts rompers.
Most comfortable thing ever!

Bay to Baubles Vesta Swirl Drop Earrings 

I almost forgot the earrings. They are cute but I know I won't wear them. I'm keeping the earrings but will be gifting them to a friend.

If you made it this far, I'm impressed. It was a lengthy picture and word post!
Thanks for hanging in there!

Just in case, this picture overload has you intrigued about Stitchfix, let me give you my referral code.

By using the above referral code, StitchFix will give me a small discount on my next Fix. 
It's just something I thought was worth mentioning :)


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Monday, June 29, 2015

Europa Village Winery

Sometimes, I need to pinch myself having wine country just down the street. Not only is it great for day dates but also lunch with the girls. The scenery is perfection. It's definitely stay cation worthy!
We have been taking advantage of lazy Sunday afternoons and warm weather to visit new wineries.
Most recently has been our trip to Europa Village Winery.
 A new favorite which the pictures will explain!

Temecula Wine Country has so much to offer. We are trying visit as many wineries as we can. 
If you'd like to "visit" just click on these links to some local wineries: 
Just a few of our favorites in the area!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! While you are reading this post. I'm celebrating a certain girl's 15th birthday. Not sure what the plan is. She IS a teenager. So plans are flexible and ever changing. 

Today I'm sharing my favorites from the week.

First up is Sunday afternoon dates with my husband. We are going through some disconnectedness. Long work hours for him, commutes, stay-at-home-parenting in-the-summer woahs for me. Just norm stuff that leaves ya feeling you aren't on the same page. It just hit me this week. It's not cool and I'm not ok with it. So, wine it shall be. 

#2 Our new foster, Nala! This little pup reminds me what it's like to have babies in the house. On one hand she's cute and playful and amusing. Oh but the other hand!!!! She's into everything. Chews on the most random crap. And takes all her toys out in the house then plays with a broom handle. *That face though* 

#3 Lysa TerKeurst. This week I finished a 60 day devotional, Unglued. Super stuff! I finished on Tuesday. As soon as I read the last word, I thought I want to read that again...starting tomorrow!

#4 This dress from ThredUp.com. $8 Old Navy. Just like new. I think I'm loving dresses in general as the weather gets warmer and warmer. Am I the only one who gets incredibly uncomfortable in just about anything when the temp is more than 80 degrees?

#5 Clearnce shelves at Target. Nail polish. Nail Polish ON the clearance shelf at Target ;) All my favorites!

#6 More of that connecting and dating thing I was talking about when I first started this post. Let's not forget the game winning as well. Only because I rarely do. I have a Battleship strategy though. 

#6 Birthday girl. She can be my favorite today. Thankfully I'm not too sappy about her getting older this year. I think freshman year of high school broke me of all the 'never grow up' wishes I held onto. In fact, some days I think 18 can't come fast enough! Haha.

Reflection time!! What are some of your favorites from this week?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Boy Infused Weekend

Classic cars are his language. 
I could have planned the most extravagant Father's Day-day
But it would be lost on him.
I asked the kids to think of something dad would really enjoy doing on Father's Day. I was hoping for Disneyland or SeaWorld or any fun sightseeing adventure really.
Nope…a car show. 
So, we found the closest car show to the house, which is also a favorite for him. Close to home.

Just once I would love a family picture but this girl. 
Oh this girl! 
So "we" take selfies. And by we, I mean I sneak them in the most obvious way.
But she hasn't stolen my phone to delete them yet so…
she must secretly like it. No???

My job at a car show is to take pictures of every Mustang. 
It's sort of the unsaid rule. 
Yes, they are cool. Yes we have one in our garage.
But can't you have too many pictures of Mustangs?
I think we are getting there.

And the interior. 
Shiny. Simplistic. Metal. Oh, I mean craftsmanship.
Hee hee. No disrespect to the old cars. 

Beach cruisers, or woodies, scream California to me. Would you agree?
Plus the craftsmanship is pretty awesome.
My husband says this car is worth more than our three cars put together. 
Sometimes he exaggerates. 
Or maybe we just have crappy cars? Or maybe it really is worth a lot of money? 
Whatever is truth, we didn't touch it or breath near it. Just in case ;)

After our car show, he got to take a nap.
He had to make up for all the energy burned Saturday on our disastrous hike. Haha!
Then I said "Enough of that!" and suggested going to visit a winery.
I knew he'd say yes because he likes wine.
I do too. And it's like 100 degrees outside so chilled wine tastes extra yummy!
(I'll share more about the winery trip tomorrow.) 


Monday, June 22, 2015

Why We Don't Hike In Summer

This weekend I was reminded why we don't hike in summer. A perfectly fine trail ruined by the devilish heat! For the first time in a looong time, there was crying and inappropriate language and a major internal debate about whether it would be acceptable to pee my pants instead of squat in the wilderness (I like toilets). There were many many many stops along the way to rest/cool down/ prevent fainting. And to top it all off, we ran out of water. Disaster!!

A lovely sign to make you think hiking is a perfectly acceptable thing to do...when it's NINETY DEGREES outside. 

Five minutes into the hike and sh&t gets real. The clothes start comin' off.

The kids complain they have no energy to hike but the minute we find a ginormous rock...they are sprinting up steep inclines to get to the top. Every Time.

We were up in Idyllwild which really is a beautiful place to hike. 

The Bad Decision Makers Club. 
"Hey mom, let's walk up this steep, barely visible trail to the top. It will be fun! "
"Hey honey, let's go hiking during the hottest part of the day...in the desert!"
"Hey, let's pack a liter of water for our family of five when we go on our hike...in the desert...during the hottest part of the day!" 

At least the flowers were pretty.

This is the steep barely visible trail covered in rocks and roots. 

Down comes a man carrying his baby. -Ok maybe it wasn't that steep. The angle may be exaggerating it...a little.
Boys: "See mom he can hike the trail carrying a baby. It can't be that bad." 
Note: The man is walking down hill. Everybody knows walking down the hill is like four million times easier than up a hill. 

So, I do the "boy mom" thing and I agree to hike Climber Trail. And this is where I threw my full fledged tantrum and made up new lyrics to "Everything is Awesome" to now be titled "Hiking is Stupid". And my husband thinks I'm hilarious and should be documented. And I'm in fight mode... Here's your picture. Laugh it up! It was a bad day ;)