Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Potato Chip Rock Hiking

Potato Chip Rock seems like the most popular hike in San Diego County. Everyone talks about it. Posts pictures about it. All the hype really made me curious to see Potato Chip Rock for myself.

That flat sliver of a rock is Potato Chip Rock. 6 mile roundtrip for that. I thought I might understand after seeing firsthand but not so much.

The views are pretty cool. Mountains, oceans, lakes. Not bad. 

The incline is killer on the flexors. One of the most challenging climbs we've done.

Lots of little paths to climb off the main trail. Always a big hit with the kids.

The beginning of the hike when everyone is still smiling.

The higher you get the bigger the rocks.

Which is fine by this kid!

There are a couple well hidden secrets. First, nobody tells you about the multiple cell phone towers at the top. It's not very all. The towers kind of ruined it for us. And the line of 50 people waiting to take their picture on the rock sliver. And that the trail is really just a utility road for the cell tower people. Not really a nature hike by any means :(



  1. So cool, and what a fun structure!! In Colorado, we did a hike to the Pancake Rocks, and those were really cool too! They were flat and stacked on top of each other! :)

  2. I laughed at the cell towers and utility road... nothing like getting out in "nature", haha. You guys rock for getting out and hiking together though! 6 miles ain't a joke!

  3. Oh no! I hate when a hyped up visit is a let-down. The views still looked nice though, and it looked like the kids had fun climbing around on the big rocks!

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