Saturday, June 16, 2018

She Did It!

If we had a summer bucket list, then we would be checking off one big box. Graduation!!
Kyli graduated from high school! Cue the tears!

There is just something surreal about your first born graduating. Days filled with sadness over childhood reflections, anticipation of a changing relationship, anxious over what the future holds, and all the other things that sneak up on you as the day approaches. There are also positive things like celebrating this milestone of finishing 13 years of school with them, gaining their independence, and finding interests and passions they didn't know they had. I'm very excited to see what this child does with herself.   She really is a great girl and has so many amazing characteristics that will serve her well. I just want her to hold on to those qualities tightly because I know the world doesn't always appreciate them  :)

I don't quite think Ky knew what to expect on graduation day. It's understandable because she has never attended a graduation in her life. Weird, huh? After the ceremony, she was glowing. She said, "That was fun!" I thought that was just the cutest thing. You will see a picture below of her waving up to us in the crowd. I thought that captured her attitude the best.  

The graduation ceremony was a special moment to watch and know it was honoring her (and her classmates) hard work. I couldn't help but reminisce about my own graduation sitting there. It is such a great memory and a great time in life. Ky is going to love adulthood. Recently, I have really sensed her desire to be more independent and explore what she will become in the future. 
I'm looking forward to seeing her life unfold.  

Could her smile be any bigger?

And we can't forget the graduation cap. I love all the creativity that goes into this graduation trend.
Kyli did hers all by herself with a nudge from Pinterest (of course). However, Pinterest still doesn't make my creations nearly this cute! She just has that creative, artsy touch.

My friends, this picture right here, is almost too much for me to manage :)
All of us together with one "launched" baby bird. And let's define launched as --technically she can do what she wants with her life now.

I can't even believe it happened!

Friday, June 8, 2018

My Summer Has Begun

The day I've waited for all year. My last day of work for the summer! I'm free and it feels so good! I completed my second year of subbing at the elementary level. This year I worked for two schools in the same district which helped to control my stress compared to my first year hopping around to multiple schools through the week. Luckily, some very smart readers advised me NOT to do that, so I stopped doing that! Thank you for sharing that :) Subbing is tough no matter how well organized you are. So I'm exhausted! *haha* But I am happy to have employment in a tough job market.

What am I doing with all my free time? Great question! There will be so many beach days, mostly documented because the beach is amazing here!

There will be running and races because I'm vowing to BE a runner. It just has to happen! I have no other hobbies (besides reading), so this is it! All my eggs in one basket. Lucky me, I have a built in partner who will push me to run when I don't want to.

And our local running club is AMAZING! Real people running at all levels, paces, and distances. Plus, craft beer and socializing after your run. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

There will also be reading because it's me!

And adventuring because that is how our SemperFiFam does life! 

And there will be coming to terms with the fact that my oldest is 18, graduating high school, and headed to college out of state :( Let's avoid talking about that for another week, m'kay?!?

It's summer friends! Let's enjoy every moment.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer of Fitness

We have two goals this summer---> Fun and Fitness. Life is bringing so much big stuff our way and I refuse to be bog down by it. Fun will offset all the stress. The fitness part was something Zac and I are choosing because he will be training for cross country throughout the summer. If figure if I piggy back on those workouts then I will be more motivated to become the consistent runner I want to be. It's a lofty goal because it's hot and humid here; however, I think the way life has arranged itself will work out perfectly.

Saturday was the monthly 5k on Camp Lejeune. We love to participate because #1 it's our military community and #2 it's free. I feel MCCS (Marine Corps Community Services) does a great job organizing the races and the course is easy. The drawback is waking up at 6am to drive to base. I was secretly hoping Zac was going to change his mind but no luck.

Just coming off of track season he is still loving running and still in great shape. He ran ahead of me and finished 4th. I was proud of my finish too. Mostly, because I wasn't last, or second to last for that matter :) Which I always am! Plus, I broke through the 40 minute ceiling that had hung over me since I started running in 2017. This race I finished at 39:30. It's not a great time but it's a great time for me. And I am going to own it and be proud of it.

We always told Zac during track, you are doing better than 95% of the high school because you are running every day. It's true. 39:30 might not be a great time but it's better than all the other people who didn't run today :) That is how I keep motivated! Breaking the 40 minute mark was enough to motivate me to keep running this week and keep up with my health so I can keep running in general. And I know by doing those two things, I will shave off a few more seconds the next time I race in July.

So, there it is. Summer of Fitness--let's do this!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer Reboot 2018

It's June 1st and that means our SemperFiFam is (almost) on vacation! We have collectively decided to enjoy these crazy hot humid days. No matter what! I've been struggling with the idea of coming back to the blog and questioning if I would be able to maintain writing when life gets busy again. But seriously, why worry about tomorrow?? "Tomorrow will worry about itself." (Matthew 6:34) There are no promises for where this blog is going or what I am doing with it :) I'm just missing writing, documenting, and having these conversations with you. 

Yes, our life feels crazy right now. We are months away from leaving our active duty military life. Our oldest is college bound, out of state no less. We are thinking about jobs, houses, relocation, etc etc. And wouldn't you know, all the sudden I am worried and fearful over just about everything. Weird fears too. Stuff that has never really hit the radar for my attention and you know what everyone tells me? "It's because you have so many unknowns you can't control". Strangely, many people say that to me. I don't understand how that translates to fear but it sorta makes sense. Writing helps me lay everything out and process it. I know my 'WORDS' people totally get that. Another reason for coming back to the blog.

This summer, I would just like to write and take pictures and share them with you. Back to the basics of blogging over here. Come September, the crickets might move back in?? I'm just taking one day at a time! Welcome back long time friends and hello new friends. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Today is a Snow Day. Yesterday was a snow day. It feels like we are on the longest winter break in the history of school breaks. I am dubbing this my favorite week of 2018! This BombCyclone... Snowmaggedon... East Coast Freeze has reached its icy fingers all the way down to North Carolina (and beyond). We love every single digit moment!

Life has literally stopped. Everything in our area is shut down. No school, no work, no shopping. It's a nice way to be forced into simplicity. The boys are sledding with our one sled and making do with boogie boards as well. My husband and I managed a quick walk around the neighborhood before I cuddled up with my book and read all day. An legitimate excuse to read all day is another favorite.

I think we ended up with between 4 to 6 inches of snow here on the coast. Everything is so pretty and picturesque. The trees are covered in icicles. The trees are brushed with snow. The temperatures are low enough to keep everything frozen for one more day before it melts and life gets back to normal. I might have to bundle up and go for one more walk.