Monday, September 8, 2014

Currently Listening

I decided I needed a fluffy post on the blog. I've been missing the company of another adult around the house. Someone you can have a meaningless conversation with when a random thought pops in your head. Like about music for instance. I watched the MTV awards a couple weeks ago and fell in love with a couple new songs. It's been awhile since I've found new songs I love. We're talking---Let It Go and Happy--a long time ago.  I'm not sure if you all listen to current hits but Iggy Azalea is my current fave. I'm so fancy! From LA to Toyko! Aren't you too? After the MTV awards, Black Widow is my current jam! Every time I hear it I get all pumped up. I feel like I should hurt someone with a side kick or something. I'm keeping my violent urges under control this far. Singing at the top of my lungs and dancing in my car instead. Do you do the same?

How about you...What song are you constantly replaying these days?


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wanted: Someone With a Fabulous Life

I came across a blogging prompt recently posing the question "If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?" I think the answer is meant to be someone with a super fabulous life. The president. A celebrity. Jesus. Whoever you fancy. Which makes me feel all the more pathetic that right now my answer would be "Just about anyone".  I'm in the deployment trenches. I spared you all the week of attitude I wallowed in. I never missed a deployment "hate" week. It's like the the cry day(s). At some point during deployment I am going through a week where everyone pisses me off. Just as I will likely go through a day where everything makes me cry. Which is totally today.

I know I am just worn out. I've spent the past 6-7 weeks hanging with my kids everyday. And when I am not with them, I am hanging out with 50 other kids all day. Not the best job for a military spouse during deployment, huh? And I adore my kids. I really do. And I enjoy my job. But truthfully, kids are draining. They need stuff constantly. And I'm feeling like I'm running on empty.


I could totally swap places with someone who lives in a little house on the edge of a forest. Somewhere the weather is starting to feel like autumn.  With a rainy day in the forecast. A fireplace and a full bookshelf. Some fleece jammy pants in the drawers. Preferably no kids. Just for a day. Maybe four. I don't need a phone or internet. And if it wouldn't be too much to ask... maybe stick a chocolate bar in the cabinet. And one bottle of cab. Ok. Two. Three.

If you know this person who would like to swap lives for a day or nine. Please email 

Thank you for having my back!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Goal for September

My September Goal is Fitness. No more putting off being active on a daily basis. My dear cousin encouraged me to take a yoga class on our video chat the other night. It's not the first time I've been encouraged to take yoga. I might be a little high strung ;) Understandably... given my life situation of military family, leadership in my employment, and temporarily single parenting. Exercise can really only help me at this point.


I know all you lovelies are going to be sweet and encouraging with this post. But someone better call me out if I do not accomplish this goal in September. No excuses! To my two biggest inspirations: Domesticated Combat Boots and Adventures of Our Army Life. You all are bustin' your butts daily. Don't let me get away with being lazy :) Much Love!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Favorite Moments of Summer

With the end of the three day Labor Day weekend, I can't help but think of how quickly summer passed. Maybe there should be a scientific study to double check if the world isn't spinning double time or something. Just to make sure we aren't getting scammed on our summers :) I'm not too sad about summer ending and my favorite season beginning. Can't wait to get some cool weather here! While I wait I have to admit this summer was surprisingly awesome for a few reasons. Here are a couple of my favorite moments:

#1 Our trip to Iowa. Not the best circumstances to take a trip but it worked out in the end. For the first time in years, nearly all our extended family was together. Most days were spent crammed in a small hospital room or waiting room. After visiting hours, we would stay up till 2am being silly like kids. The time together seemed to change so many of our relationships. Such a blessing!

#2 Hiking in Colorado. I love hiking. I love Colorado. Enough said!

#3. Biking Coronado. We were all back to school and work but it still happened in the season of summer :)  I would rent a double surrey again in a heartbeart. Preferably with at least one other adult this time!

Fun times! I can't imagine what next summer will bring. The kids will be so much older and who knows what the military will bring our way. It's hard to believe our mellow summer in California could be replaced by a summer on another coast or another country. The magic of military life :)


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Last week of August is always the last week of summer in my mind. I'm not quite sure why I feel that way. It must be the Midwestern buried down deep in me :) There are no signs of fall in this part of the world. Sadly, there never is. I'll try not to be too sentimental over my seasons this week.

Here are my What I Wore outfits of the week.

Suit- Express
Top- Banana Republic

I know the girls (staff) at work always wonder what's on the schedule when I come in business attire. It's called a big laundry pile at home! No one ever touches it. But I let them think it's an important meeting ;) This is my "interview" suit. I bought it a few years back for my very first (and second) interview after finishing my schooling. The red top is new-to-me from Thred Up. If you haven't checked out this website, you need to head over. If you are a first time buyer, then be sure to find a coupon code for 40% off. Killer deals!

Scarf- Stitchfix
Dress- Ann Taylor Loft (ATL)
Boots- Corso Como

This dress is an oldie but goodie. Here is 1 and 2 ways I've styled this baby.

Top- Stitchfix
Jeans- Old Navy
Shoes- ATL

I'm loving my new Stitchfix top. It's just so different than anything in my closet. Plus it's lightweight and perfect for work in warm weather.

Speaking of work, there are three more days left before the holiday weekend. You know how deployments go... We count down by holidays. Mostly because those are the family times and it's pretty obvious your family isn't all together. But this is the last holiday before he comes back so it's down hill now. At least I keep telling myself that!

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