Saturday, March 28, 2015

Derrick Turns 10

 Just like that,  all my babies are double digits. I feel like we turned the corner on the 'littles' stage. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. We all get older. I haven't gotten hung up on it yet. Hope I never do. It's part of life. Embrace it or be miserable watching it happen. That is my theory.

Our baby turned 10. There was no big wrapped package sitting on the table. He wanted money and gift cards. That is what he got. Kids are no fun! I like giving things much better. However, totally not about me! He also wanted a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

We didn't do a friend celebration this year for him. He got to pick a family thing. Derrick choose laser tag. We went to a laser tag place and played a few games. Lots of fun and very tiring. By our third game you could find me crouched in a corner for most of the game. Catching my breath.

Everyone during our laser tag training.

After our first game.

4 against 1 I guess. Sort of how I feel when we are picking restaraunts to eat at ;)


Friday, March 27, 2015

Short Hair Don't Care!

I promised myself only fun and relaxation for Spring Break. A few hours at the salon fits the criteria.
I wanted a big hair change. Something shorter and a little trendier than a standard cut. I hoped it would be short enough to get rid off all my previously (faded) colored hair. Which it was!

I don't have a lot of time in the morning for hair styling. My overall morning routine needs to fit into 30-40 minutes from start to finish.  On paper it seems like enough time but after incorporating kids into that routine it's dramatically shortened! Many minutes spent shoo-ing children out the door trying to account for lunches, backpacks, get the idea. I find myself defaulting to hair clips and ponytails more days than not. Which does not do my any favors when trying to look professional. So, chop-chop.

What I started with:

What I wanted:

What I ended with:

I was more than happy. The look is lighter and more flattering, I think. 
I passed the 'Styled Myself' test on Tuesday. My hair wasn't as smooth or shiny as my salon hair but the 2nd day is always better ;)

I finally found a local stylist I like. The next step might be color.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bowling Birthday Party

Camp Pendleton has to be one of the best Marine Corps bases in the world. Maybe even the best. There are so many amenities offered on base to military families. Some of our Camp Pendleton favorites include the library, movie theater, and beach. I'm sure the bowling alley would have been on the list if I knew it looked like this.

Comfy cushy chairs and sofas. TVs on every lane. Colorful lighting. Automated score keepers. 
When did bowling become so cool?!?

We saw the new look first hand at the kids' friend's birthday party. I also found out how genius bowling parties are. The kids were so entertained. The. Whole. Time.

Is this high tech and super cool atmosphere what all bowling alleys looks like these days?
Where have I been?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Miranda Sings Show

It's been awhile since I last posted. I promised in the new year I would be better. It lasted a month...two months... then I went back to my norm. Now I'm on spring break and have some extra time to update everyone on life.

The first update is our trip to LA for the Miranda Sings show. We got tickets to Kyli's favorite YouTuber, Miranda Sings, in February. The show was in Los Angeles at the Staples Center complex. We had never been so I figured 'photo op'!

I'm still a country girl at heart. Going to these places (like LA) always makes me feel so worldly! Even though, essentially this is just part of my community. Thanks Marine Corps!

For those of you who don't know Miranda Sings let me give you a quick intro. She is a comedian for pre-teens and teens. She is funny and age appropriate. Which as a mom, I love age appropriate for this age group. It's surprisingly hard to find. I find her funny myself but she isn't for everyone. Mostly the 9 to 14 year old crowd.

Here is my favorite Youtube clip:

Miranda Sings- How To Babysit. You know you wish some of those things were acceptable child rearing practices? Empty water bottle anyone???
The show we saw was 60 minutes of variety. Miranda Sings does a lot of singing and comedy. It's cute. After the show, Kyli and her friend we able to meet Miranda during a Meet-and-Greet. 
Best day ever for Ky!

Now that I've collected my Parent of the Year award. I can take the next 8 months off.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paint n Sip

I went to another painting class with my Growth Group. Growth Groups are like Bible Studies for our big church. Darin and I meet with five other couples from our church every Thursday night here in our hometown. The other couples live here too. I was so excited to meet other "crazy" people who drive an hour on Sunday to go to church. 

We've been hanging out with these folks on Thursday nights since the beginning of Fall 2014. As we've gotten to know each other, we've started to hang out socially. I would say for the first time in our adult life we are establishing a church family. And it's really nice.

Back to the painting, I never take these things too seriously. I never feel like the artsy one. So I've decided to not put some much emphasis in perfection for this particular thing. I also try to keep it silly by always adding some military thing to the painting. First time I put the CH-46, the helicopter Darin has spent the past 16 years fixing, on the horizon. This time I put the V-22 Osprey that he is transitioning to this year. 

You know I want to experience everything (tame and legal) once. But I think I got my fill of painting now :)