Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hiking Ewoldsen Trail Big Sur

Standing next to a Redwood makes me feel so teeny tiny. Ewoldsen Trail is a walk through Redwoods. I never pass up an opportunity to walk through primitive looking trees. Where there is a Redwood, there is a stream and overpasses and paths to be explored. Ewoldsen Trail is all about those things! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hiking McWay Falls

Postcard perfect. The only way to describe Big Sur, California. How we avoided traveling up the Central Coast of California all this time is beyond me! When I think California I think freeways and shopping centers. Driving up Highway 1 proved me all wrong. So if you are basing your opinion of California on San Diego or LA, my advice is go a little farther north. You will fall in love!

We knew when we got to the Big Sur area we would hike some popular trails. McWay Falls was the first and Ewoldsen Trail the second. I am so so glad we visited this area of California. McWay Falls is pretty well known, I'm sure you have seen plenty of pictures similar to the one below. I could watch the waves crash in swirling all around for hours. But my husband isn't patient enough for that :) 

The sign at the trailhead.

Pathway under Highway 1 to get to the falls side of the trail.

Another view of the cove around McWay Falls.

Foot bridge for a better view.

That water and rocks had me feeling like I was in the Mediterranean. What I wouldn't give to get down to that beach. It's a no go, the beach is off limits. Couldn't you see yourself sitting up on that rock near the sand though?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Road Trip California Central Coast

In our attempt to squeeze every drop out of our time left in California. We felt a road trip up the California Coast with the final stop as San Francisco was appropriate. I had no idea what awaited us. Central California coastline is nothing you imagine California to be. All the bucket list ideas of driving up Highway 1 are rightfully noted! Pictures can't begin to do it justice!

Paso Robles

Big Sur

Monterey Bay Aquarium


I'll be posting more for Big Sur/Monterey and San Francisco later in the week. I just wanted to post some photos which created a summary of our trip. I'm still in awe!


Saturday, March 26, 2016

5th Grade Boys vs. Teen Girls

My youngest turned 11 this week. We weren't going to do a party but at the last minute my mommy guilt went into overdrive. I caved. With the move and all, I didn't feel like we had time to devote to a party. There was also the issue with the other two not having parties because of the moving and making friends bit. We decided the birthday boy could invite his best friends to the local trampoline park and then over to our house to hang out after. Winning! I'm falling hard for low key birthdays! 

With this party of 5th grade boys, I made a couple of new parenting discoveries. All of which conclude that entertaining fifth grade boys is vastly easier than entertaining teen girls. First, there is no need for extra frills. Which frees me up to enjoy my book. Two hours at the trampoline park with a good book holding down a table in the snack shack equals done. All I was required to do was make sure drink cups didn't get thrown away. And when I accomplished my mission everybody was happy. When I'm supervising teen girls, they unload their phones and purses and chapstick and water bottles and jackets and jewelry. I'm sure I have to watch the clock so I can inform them when it's snap chat timer. With boys, I get to sneak off to the restroom while I'm "watching" drink cups. With  the girls, I'm responsible for $500 worth of valuables. so I have to potty dance until someone decides to return to the table to check Instagram notifications.

When I'm with the 5th grade boys, I ask them to pose for a group picture and I get Shia LaBeof. I meant a nice picture where everyone smiles at the camera but…everything is open to interpretation. When I ask for a posed pictures for teen girls, I've got to take multiple posed pictures, go through editing approval, and then cycle through everyone else's phones to take a posed pictures.

To the 5th grade boys, nothing is better than the action shot. And if the faces blur..BONUS. They look like zombies. I wouldn't even offer the action shot to teen girls.

A fifth grade boy is so easy to buy a present for. I just have to buy the one thing he has been wanting for months and months. Once he opens his gift he will be entertained until his next gift receiving holiday. The teenaged girl will take the gift, say thank you, put it in the corner of her room, and continue perusing her social media for eternity.

The one thing I learned not to do with 5th grade boys is try to be funny. They don't appreciate the effort. All you get are blank stares in response. Teen girls love the extra energy! They will piggyback on your jokes without hesitation. And even if you aren't that funny, someone has the decency to pretend you are ❤️

Such differences between the two gender and ages, which makes parenting the brood eventful ;) While equally loved children, I'd much rather manage a fifth grade boy party than host a group of teen girls any day. Less expectations equals less stress.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Stitchfix March 2016

So this what happens when you are on vacation and you think you've re-scheduled an incomplete post to happen the following week. It publishes anyways and you have no way to stop it unless you delete it all together. Which has crossed my mind. 
But I figure what's done is done. So...

Happy Spring. This weather is screaming 'No More Winter" these days. Just in time comes the arrival of my March 2016 Stitchfix box. What a pleasant surprise! My stylist definitely "got me" this time around.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Spring

Everything is in bloom. A sure sign of spring. There is an upbeat energy to this season. Calling me to be outside enjoying the weather and the extra hours of daylight. It's super convenient that this girl also happens to be on spring break. I've got plenty of time for neighborhood walks and bike rides with the kids. As much as my allergies will let me, I will to be outside enjoying this perfect California weather!

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ipsy March 2016 Glam Bag

I cannot express what a treat it is to receive my monthly Ipsy glam bag. I such a newbie when it comes to makeup. The only time I buy makeup is when I go to the MAC counter for my Marine Corps Ball makeover. Yes, my makeup bag contents are seriously out dated!
But my lack of beauty routine doesnot mean I don't want to know. I just needed the push! Ipsy has been the push. This service was made for people like me. And for only $10, who can pass it up?!?

March's #hellospring glam bag included lots of things I've always wanted to try.  This month I received liquid eyeliner, bronzer, and primer which I have never tried. Yes, when it comes to makeup I love under a rock. 

Here are the specifics:

Be A Bombshell Baked Bronzer
Tattoed Liquid Eyeliner
Model CO Lip Lacquer
Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer
AphroditE Eye Cream

Want to see more??

February 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag
January 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this post are 100% representative of the author. No compensation was given.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Lorimar Winery

We checked another winery off the list: Lorimar Winery. While not as large as most wineries in the area, the views are better than most. In fact, I would probably rate the grounds higher than the quality of wine. I'm not saying the wine is below average. I'm honestly enjoying the views and atmosphere thinking how much I'm going to miss this place! North Carolina better be worth it. When I called and made our lodging reservation I wasn't too confident. I've still got a month left to enjoy Southern California so I'm going to concentrate on all of this West Coast stuff instead.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Coffee, Camera, and Cars

Coffee, cars, and a camera. All the makings for a perfect day date. When I think of moving some of things I'm going to miss most are food. We have a cafe that serves the most divine cuban style cafe lattes. The withdrawals will be intense when we move! It's hitting me hard I've got 30 days to say goodbye to all my favorites (food and beyond!) I'm not sure how to fit it all in!

We were long overdue for a date! Can you relate? Life gets so busy. When I found out the annual car show was in town, I planned the date. My favorite coffee shop in the area helped motivate my generosity!

I took the opportunity to use my camera. I've been breathing life back into the blog. Things are changing quickly. Sometimes, chaotically is a better word. I find a sense of peace in writing and taking photos. 

I admit I'm not much of a car girl but I try. The camera helps me appear to be into it ;) 


Monday, March 7, 2016

Leoness Cellars

It's wine time again! This time we've ventured out to the lesser travelled wineries on DePortola Road. I have heard such great things about Leoness Cellars but being off the main road we never visit. Luckily, my gal friends were up for the adventure of trying a new-to-us winery.

Leoness Cellars is beautiful. The service is amazing. The thing about Temecula wineries is they are a tourist attraction and get pretty busy. For the locals, it's annoying. Finding a winery where you can stand at the bar and chat it up with your sommelier (I had to look that word up) is a treat. 

There are a couple things I look for when I'm wine tasting. First, a good chardonnay or cabernet sauvignon and 2) good food. I found them both!

The views are important too. In the spring, the vines are brown and preparing to bloom. Not the most picturesque landscape. The green vines are just around the corner. Little buds are starting to sprout. I am sad we will miss another season of color changes in Temecula.