Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Walk Across Golden Gate Bridge

Our family is all about adventure. Some of us more adventurous than others. I guess I'm sort of the ring leader or group organizer and everyone else the decision makers. Problematic to me, the remaining four are all very like-minded when it comes to daring feats. Which means I have to be very careful what adventures I find and offer to them.

The road trip up the coast was meant to end in San Francisco. When we got to Monterey we were enjoying the beach so much we were debating skipping the city all together. The main reason I wanted to go into San Fran was for an Alcatraz tour and they were sold out. I offered up the vote--San Fran or more beach outdoorsy stuff. The kids surprisingly said the city. So, I started researching teen appropriate activities they would enjoy. When I stumbled on the opportunity to walk across the Golden Gate bridge, I hesitated to share the news with my family. My brain was screaming earthquake and terrorist attack! I just stuffed it down and casually mentioned "this thing where you could, like, walk across the bridge" and everyone was like Yeah!!!

I just said my prayers and thought positive. And as you can see things turned out just fine. And now I get to have this really cool memory of that time we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Thankfully, right before you walk across the bridge there is a info board regarding seismic isolation. Pretty much assuring all wimps (like me) that an earthquake will not have you falling to your death. The bridge is built to withstand lots of earth rattling movement. I felt a little better!

Aerial views from the bridge don't really help the nerves. 

The smile when you finally finish the 1.7 mile walk.

Overall, super cool thing to do in San Fran. Here are the details.


  1. I would love to do this someday! Your photos are awesome!

  2. So fun!!! What an awesome adventure. I am sending this post to my husband because we are thinking about visiting SF soon, and this would be a LOT of fun for us! I wonder if they ever have any races across the bridge (dumb question - I'm sure they do, lol) - I know the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado has a 5K that ends across the bridge, and I always wanted to do it, but the timing never worked out before we moved.

  3. I've been driven (I've never actually been the one driving) over the bridge numerous times, but we've never walked it. I think it would be neat! A different perspective of the area.