Monday, April 18, 2016

Goodbye California

This morning we are rolling out of Camp Pendleton towards our new home, North Carolina. A lot of emotions felt to get to this point. After one last night in military lodging aboard our first military adventure we ever had, I believe all five of us are as ready as we will be. 

Just a short recap (for reference when I look back), the last 7 days have been crazy. Our pack out began Wednesday and continued Thursday. The movers came to load the semi trailer with 13000 pounds of our household stuff on Friday. Our beds and bedding were left out so we could stay in our home the first two days. Friday and Saturday we stayed at our friends house. Longtime military friends we've done our West Coast gig with. Hard to say goodbye! 

We came to Camp Pendleton Sunday afternoon. We visited the beach and hung out in our hotel. Pacific Views Lodging on Camp Pendleton is the place to be! Not your typical military hotel. I think choosing to stay at a hotel was good for us because it helped adjust our minds to more positive outlook. The kids have really been struggling. All the goodbyes can't help but depress a person. Last night, the kids watched tv, laughed over Snapchat filters, and got there fitness on at the hotel gym. 

We are finally feeling future-minded". It has been a very very difficult road to get here, especially with the kids. But as military families tend to do, we adjusted. I know there are more hards than easies ahead but I think we made it over the hurdle.

I'm wrapping it up so I can eat my continental breakfast before we hit the road. Keep up with our travels on Instagram as we make this 2000+ mile road trip. Biggest adventure so far...minus Japan :) 


  1. Sending you good thoughts for a smooth transition and journey across the country! :)

  2. Safe travels and prayers for guidance and patience during this transition!

  3. Best wishes to you! A Friend of mine just moved to NC from our town in Oregon and LOVES it there :)

  4. Be safe! I know it's hard leaving a place you love and so many people you care about, but I bet NC turns out to be just as great :)