Thursday, April 21, 2016

Eastward Bound

Yesterday was a lot of driving. A lot, a lot! I guess we were in a mood to get things done. We drove 13 hours covering who knows how many miles! We started in Flagstaff, Arizona and ended in Shawnee, Oklahoma. That's four states. In road trip speak it means big progress!

The delay in Flagstaff to repair our second car was nice and all. By the way it was an electrical problem with the engine fan if you are following along. I enjoyed some time by the fire, reading in the rocking chair. We also explored, a local road side attraction called Bearizona. It's a drive through zoo of forest animals. It was cute. The Bears were super active so that made it fun.

My daughter and I took a quick tour of Northern Arizona University as well. She is starting to think about life after high school these days. Thank you senior friends! This is what I have raised her to do. Stay focused on herself, educate herself, and then worry about the other grown up stuff after. I won't go into details, but this year, she has made me doubt my efforts were working the way I hoped ;)

Back to the road trip...our drive across country was pretty uneventful. We hit a severe thunderstorm in Texas. No surprise given their recent weather reports but a little stressful for this SoCal desert driver. We stayed ahead of the worst of it.

This morning we are headed out to new adventures. We are covering a part of the US I've never seen. I get to cross Visit Arkansas  off my bucket list. It's a weird bucket list thing (I know) but it's one of two southern states I've never visited. Can you guess the other?? My new home...North Carolina. Wouldn't you know that WASN'T on my bucket list!! Haha :)


  1. I hope your day of travel has been good so far!

  2. Stay safe on your travels and have fun crossing off your bucket list!

  3. I have to say, I'm so excited for you to be in NC! I need a blogger date (blate?). I've done that trip once (San Diego to Richmond, VA) coming back to this coast after being stationed at Miramar. I still have flashbacks whenever I see a big yellow Penske truck!