Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hiking McWay Falls

Postcard perfect. The only way to describe Big Sur, California. How we avoided traveling up the Central Coast of California all this time is beyond me! When I think California I think freeways and shopping centers. Driving up Highway 1 proved me all wrong. So if you are basing your opinion of California on San Diego or LA, my advice is go a little farther north. You will fall in love!

We knew when we got to the Big Sur area we would hike some popular trails. McWay Falls was the first and Ewoldsen Trail the second. I am so so glad we visited this area of California. McWay Falls is pretty well known, I'm sure you have seen plenty of pictures similar to the one below. I could watch the waves crash in swirling all around for hours. But my husband isn't patient enough for that :) 

The sign at the trailhead.

Pathway under Highway 1 to get to the falls side of the trail.

Another view of the cove around McWay Falls.

Foot bridge for a better view.

That water and rocks had me feeling like I was in the Mediterranean. What I wouldn't give to get down to that beach. It's a no go, the beach is off limits. Couldn't you see yourself sitting up on that rock near the sand though?


  1. Big Sur is absolutely amazing! I love it there.

  2. Northern California is gorgeous! Thankfully my in-laws live up there because there is so much I haven't seen yet!