Friday, March 4, 2016

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness! Sunday was one of the most relaxing day of my life. My friend brought me to the spa. Believe it or not, I've never been to a spa. Which I now realize is one of the biggest mistakes I've made in life :)  I plan to make up for all the lost opportunity! I've got my return visit booked at Glen Ivy Hot Springs in a few weeks. This time I making it a date with my husband. 

Everything about Glen Ivy is wonderful. Lots of heated pools. Shaded property. Lounge chairs. People bringing drinks poolside. Mineral baths. No children. For all you mommas, teachers, and caregivers out there, think nap time multiplied by 100 kind of quiet. I can only ask myself why have I not been doing this self-care thing regularly? After all the spoiling I had Sunday, I know the necessity!

At this particular spa there was a mineral bath which is suppose to be great for you in some way. The thing is it smells like rotten hard boiled eggs. Not the most pleasant or the first thing you want to consider doing to relax. But it really did feel so relaxing. And you get over the smell..mostly.

This was one of the saline tubs. A gigantic tub with epsom salt.

Club Mud. The best thing about Glen Ivy Hot Springs in my opinion. Check inhibitions at the door! It's like being a three year old again and throwing caution to the wind. Club Mud is all about covering your self head to toe in mud then baking yourself until you are a crusty shell. I loved every minute and this is why I'm headed back. Well, that, and the floating bean bag chairs… and the fresh squeezed blood orange mimosas. Ok, and maybe the no kid thing.  

Tell me readers, are you a spa lover? Please share all you know! I'm just learning the ropes.


  1. So fun!! I went to some hot springs in Colorado once, and that was a blast. I'm glad you enjoyed it and got to relax! :)