Saturday, March 5, 2016

Naughty Puppy

This cute little punk has been causing some trouble around here! Things are a little bit craz with selling the house and prepping for our military move. Wouldn't you know Charlie would feel the need to mix things up just a little bit more to add to the stress.

We've been showing the house to prospective buyers throughout the week. Most of showings have been on Saturday. On weekends, we have been taking time to do some family things away from home. Sometimes, Charlie doesn't get to go. And Charlie thinks he needs to go everywhere the family goes. When he has to stay with friends, he rebels, and does stupid stuff. His biggest was escaping into the hundred plus acres of wildlife preserve behind our house... for any entire day. Leaving the boys to abandon their dad/son day to canvas the neighborhood hoping the little dog didn't become lunch to a ravenous coyote.

After a long day of searching everywhere, we were pretty confident Charlie had been eaten.  However, we posted our 'Lost Dog' signs to appease the kids. "Lucky" for us, a family saw the signs or our kid saw the family with Charlie (not quite sure because the 10 year old was telling the story) and all were reunited. Four out of five of us were happy. Charlie is stuck moving to North Carolina where he will have to learn to pee in the rain and not get eaten by alligators.

I get a guilty pleasure knowing how uncomfortable Charlie's life is about to become. We aren't best of friends so it's understandable :)


  1. Terrible, but this had me cracking up! Caesar had a rough patch for a while, thankfully much better now though!

  2. Aww, but he's definitely cute! Hope he calms down and cooperates for the rest of the PCS process.

  3. First - bad Charlie! Second - NC? My parents live in Swansboro, as does my brother. He is stationed at New River. We LOVE it there!