Saturday, March 28, 2015

Derrick Turns 10

 Just like that,  all my babies are double digits. I feel like we turned the corner on the 'littles' stage. It makes me sad and happy all at the same time. We all get older. I haven't gotten hung up on it yet. Hope I never do. It's part of life. Embrace it or be miserable watching it happen. That is my theory.

Our baby turned 10. There was no big wrapped package sitting on the table. He wanted money and gift cards. That is what he got. Kids are no fun! I like giving things much better. However, totally not about me! He also wanted a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

We didn't do a friend celebration this year for him. He got to pick a family thing. Derrick choose laser tag. We went to a laser tag place and played a few games. Lots of fun and very tiring. By our third game you could find me crouched in a corner for most of the game. Catching my breath.

Everyone during our laser tag training.

After our first game.

4 against 1 I guess. Sort of how I feel when we are picking restaraunts to eat at ;)


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  1. Laser tag is an excellent choice. Happy Birthday, Derrick!