Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Paint n Sip

I went to another painting class with my Growth Group. Growth Groups are like Bible Studies for our big church. Darin and I meet with five other couples from our church every Thursday night here in our hometown. The other couples live here too. I was so excited to meet other "crazy" people who drive an hour on Sunday to go to church. 

We've been hanging out with these folks on Thursday nights since the beginning of Fall 2014. As we've gotten to know each other, we've started to hang out socially. I would say for the first time in our adult life we are establishing a church family. And it's really nice.

Back to the painting, I never take these things too seriously. I never feel like the artsy one. So I've decided to not put some much emphasis in perfection for this particular thing. I also try to keep it silly by always adding some military thing to the painting. First time I put the CH-46, the helicopter Darin has spent the past 16 years fixing, on the horizon. This time I put the V-22 Osprey that he is transitioning to this year. 

You know I want to experience everything (tame and legal) once. But I think I got my fill of painting now :)



  1. I want to go to one of these so bad! Love that you added the Osprey.

  2. Events like this are the best!! :)

  3. Iv always wanted to go to one of these! They look like so much fun! Your painting came out really good too!!!!

  4. These classes are so much fun!! Love your painting and the aircraft! My husband put an airplane in his when we did one in Colorado once, haha.