Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Boy Infused Weekend

Classic cars are his language. 
I could have planned the most extravagant Father's Day-day
But it would be lost on him.
I asked the kids to think of something dad would really enjoy doing on Father's Day. I was hoping for Disneyland or SeaWorld or any fun sightseeing adventure really.
Nope…a car show. 
So, we found the closest car show to the house, which is also a favorite for him. Close to home.

Just once I would love a family picture but this girl. 
Oh this girl! 
So "we" take selfies. And by we, I mean I sneak them in the most obvious way.
But she hasn't stolen my phone to delete them yet so…
she must secretly like it. No???

My job at a car show is to take pictures of every Mustang. 
It's sort of the unsaid rule. 
Yes, they are cool. Yes we have one in our garage.
But can't you have too many pictures of Mustangs?
I think we are getting there.

And the interior. 
Shiny. Simplistic. Metal. Oh, I mean craftsmanship.
Hee hee. No disrespect to the old cars. 

Beach cruisers, or woodies, scream California to me. Would you agree?
Plus the craftsmanship is pretty awesome.
My husband says this car is worth more than our three cars put together. 
Sometimes he exaggerates. 
Or maybe we just have crappy cars? Or maybe it really is worth a lot of money? 
Whatever is truth, we didn't touch it or breath near it. Just in case ;)

After our car show, he got to take a nap.
He had to make up for all the energy burned Saturday on our disastrous hike. Haha!
Then I said "Enough of that!" and suggested going to visit a winery.
I knew he'd say yes because he likes wine.
I do too. And it's like 100 degrees outside so chilled wine tastes extra yummy!
(I'll share more about the winery trip tomorrow.) 



  1. I love car shows, growing up around drag racing made car shows so fun for me!

  2. Oh wine.. SOunds delicious! Great idea to do a car show for Father's Day!

  3. Car shows are fun! As long as it's not hot and you can drink beer. haha