Monday, June 22, 2015

Why We Don't Hike In Summer

This weekend I was reminded why we don't hike in summer. A perfectly fine trail ruined by the devilish heat! For the first time in a looong time, there was crying and inappropriate language and a major internal debate about whether it would be acceptable to pee my pants instead of squat in the wilderness (I like toilets). There were many many many stops along the way to rest/cool down/ prevent fainting. And to top it all off, we ran out of water. Disaster!!

A lovely sign to make you think hiking is a perfectly acceptable thing to do...when it's NINETY DEGREES outside. 

Five minutes into the hike and sh&t gets real. The clothes start comin' off.

The kids complain they have no energy to hike but the minute we find a ginormous rock...they are sprinting up steep inclines to get to the top. Every Time.

We were up in Idyllwild which really is a beautiful place to hike. 

The Bad Decision Makers Club. 
"Hey mom, let's walk up this steep, barely visible trail to the top. It will be fun! "
"Hey honey, let's go hiking during the hottest part of the the desert!"
"Hey, let's pack a liter of water for our family of five when we go on our the desert...during the hottest part of the day!" 

At least the flowers were pretty.

This is the steep barely visible trail covered in rocks and roots. 

Down comes a man carrying his baby. -Ok maybe it wasn't that steep. The angle may be exaggerating it...a little.
Boys: "See mom he can hike the trail carrying a baby. It can't be that bad." 
Note: The man is walking down hill. Everybody knows walking down the hill is like four million times easier than up a hill. 

So, I do the "boy mom" thing and I agree to hike Climber Trail. And this is where I threw my full fledged tantrum and made up new lyrics to "Everything is Awesome" to now be titled "Hiking is Stupid". And my husband thinks I'm hilarious and should be documented. And I'm in fight mode... Here's your picture. Laugh it up! It was a bad day ;)



  1. Ugh the heat is ridiculous especially when you desperately want to be outside enjoying nature.

  2. Ugh hiking in summer heat? No thanks. I'm on your side! Summer is for large bodies of water.

  3. Mike wants to go hiking when we go home, no thanks. I told him I'll gladly stay home and he can go with his friends. It's way too hot for that nonsense!