Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! While you are reading this post. I'm celebrating a certain girl's 15th birthday. Not sure what the plan is. She IS a teenager. So plans are flexible and ever changing. 

Today I'm sharing my favorites from the week.

First up is Sunday afternoon dates with my husband. We are going through some disconnectedness. Long work hours for him, commutes, stay-at-home-parenting in-the-summer woahs for me. Just norm stuff that leaves ya feeling you aren't on the same page. It just hit me this week. It's not cool and I'm not ok with it. So, wine it shall be. 

#2 Our new foster, Nala! This little pup reminds me what it's like to have babies in the house. On one hand she's cute and playful and amusing. Oh but the other hand!!!! She's into everything. Chews on the most random crap. And takes all her toys out in the house then plays with a broom handle. *That face though* 

#3 Lysa TerKeurst. This week I finished a 60 day devotional, Unglued. Super stuff! I finished on Tuesday. As soon as I read the last word, I thought I want to read that again...starting tomorrow!

#4 This dress from $8 Old Navy. Just like new. I think I'm loving dresses in general as the weather gets warmer and warmer. Am I the only one who gets incredibly uncomfortable in just about anything when the temp is more than 80 degrees?

#5 Clearnce shelves at Target. Nail polish. Nail Polish ON the clearance shelf at Target ;) All my favorites!

#6 More of that connecting and dating thing I was talking about when I first started this post. Let's not forget the game winning as well. Only because I rarely do. I have a Battleship strategy though. 

#6 Birthday girl. She can be my favorite today. Thankfully I'm not too sappy about her getting older this year. I think freshman year of high school broke me of all the 'never grow up' wishes I held onto. In fact, some days I think 18 can't come fast enough! Haha.

Reflection time!! What are some of your favorites from this week?

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