Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tales From the New Home {week 3}

Three weeks ago, we moved into our first house. The joys and sorrows of homeownership set in automatically. We had this awesome new space with lots of fixer upping to do. Although, we didn't realize the fixer upping would come so soon or frequently. That is when I decided we needed to write this down. And Tales From The New Home series was born. You can check in every Saturday to see what surprises we had each week. And oh my, does this house love to deliver surprises!  

Day 16: The garage sale was a success. Everything left over went to the Salvation Army trailer down the road. It’s such a relief to have the stuff gone and a few extra dollars. I made my daughter’s favorite side dish, mashed potatoes. I peeled the potatoes and ran them through the garbage disposal. You wanna guess what happens? Another project for Mr. Fix It! He took the trap out and cleaned it. I’m sure you would guess he found dog hair right. I don’t actually know but it was gross. I swear we bought ourselves a fixer upper and didn’t know it!

Day 18: I totally screwed up the garbage schedule today. I didn’t pull the cans out to the curb last night. And was too late this morning to take them out. But I looked around and saw the recycling hadn’t been picked up. I pulled it out to the curb and didn’t check again till late afternoon. I opened my bin and the recycling was still there. Then I remember the recycling only gets picked up every other Monday. I missed green waste. Our super overflowing, finely mulched green waste. Damn! I rolled it away only to hear the green waste drive by 30 minutes later. So I hadn’t missed it at first only after I rolled the other back in. Frustrating. So none of our garbage got picked up. I had such a sick feeling in my stomach. All our cans were overflowing and my husband wanted to trim more plants in our yard.  I rolled the green waste out to the driveway and just waited hoping the truck would come around one more time and be nice enough to empty the bin. Five minutes later, guess who shows up with a very big heart? The green waste guy. Save the day!

All our Rubbermaid bins are tucked away in our attic spaces. The Red Room is empty. I've given up on the Motivated Moms app. It just wasn't helping to get this house clean. I am using FlyLady website. This cleaning list is better for this house. Flylady doesn't slack around. You won't see Brush Your Teeth on the list. FlyLady just assumes you brush your teeth! Psshh!!

Day 19: We got our clothes dryer. We have been living without for two weeks. Not the best situation for a family of five. We hang everything out to dry on our makeshift clothes line. I prefer the clothesline because of it does help the earth. And saves on the electric bill. However, I do not like crunch socks or towels. And after almost three weeks, I've had both. I may have rewashed my towels today. Just because.

Day 20: Today is payday. I was dying to see if the military would get our pay right. Lo and behold, they screwed it up. My husband is taking care of that matter. I'm not in the mood to practice grace or kindness with anyone involved in screwing this up. Military pay issues get me really mad. We've dealt with so many of them in my husband's career.  I think I've hit my limit and I can't be nice anymore.

Day 21: It’s official the dishwasher hates us! Now the damn thing won’t drain all the water out after each cycle. Good thing dishwashers aren’t essential. Stupid thing! And Google hasn’t been much help for Mr. Fix It.

Day 22: Mow the lawn. Check. Trim some trees. Check. Organize the office. Check. The house isn’t completely unpacked but it’s good enough before the promotion party.

Oh and got a call from the realtor today. Apparently he sent us a card with a gift. Second person who has said they did that. But wouldn’t you know we didn’t receive either card. Not sure what the heck is up with the mail but I’m not happy. Maybe this freaking house is cursed?? I’m thinking there should be a 30 return policy for houses. This is crap!

Day 23: The Wet Down is tomorrow. The promotion party in non-military language. Today has been devoted to party prep. Since I’m not considering this my housewarming, I don’t feel like everything needs to be perfect. I think of tomorrow as our pre-screening. Plus it’s mostly military guys who could care less about what’s hanging on the walls or whether I actually have furniture in some rooms. Minor details.

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  1. Goodness -- sounds like this week dealt a lot of blows! But at least your have the Red Room completely taken care of!? Thats always a positive! Enjoy the Wetdown -- and make sure to post some pictures! : )

  2. Oh geez! I hope the military starts getting pay right, that is incredibly frustrating!

  3. Oh wow, sounds like a very frustrating week. It will all come along with time and patience. I do know how hard patience is to come by though. Hope they got the military pay straightened out. At least that is one frustration you won't have to deal with.

  4. The military is sooooo frustrating with pay! It took them a couple months to get ours back on was annoying. Hope everything goes smoothly for you!! Congrats on the new home though...that's awesome!

  5. We've definitely had our share of "fixers" since buying our house. Luckily though, it's been mostly ok. Especially thankful since about 1/3 of our time here Hubby's been deployed but all the stuff that broke was while he was home.

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