Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo A Day {Summer Bucket List 2013}

There was only the best of intentions when the Summer Bucket List was created.
An empty summer schedule needing to be filled. 
A few handfuls of activities to set us up for success.
Lo and behold, LIFE came in and did its thang!

 We had a goal to take one photo a day for the entire summer.
60 days, 60 pictures.
We failed.
48 pictures. Not too shabby.
If you are interested in the full reel, 
then check out Instagram #semperfifamsummerbreak

Not on Instagram?
Here is a quick peek.

Our summer was slow to start.

Lots of time spent close to home. 
Sneaking into the Camp Pendleton Mud Run course.
In the middle of the day.
Such rebels.

Plenty of bike rides.
And frozen treats.
In fact, way too many frozen treats.
Says mom.

Parents versus kids Nerf wars.

Midpoint things picked up.
Way up.
We bought our first house.

My husband was promoted.

We moved into the new house.

 We spent A LOT of time hanging out.

Then it was like a week before school and we were like,

So, we got all responsible and serious
and went to Target.
And bought stuff.
For school.
And mom.
And the house.

Ok, I lied. 
We weren't that serious.

Then we said our goodbyes...

To freedom and fun.
And lazy morning filled with Disney reruns.

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  1. 48 out of 60 isn't too bad! Sounds like an eventful summer!

  2. Great shot of them walking to the bus! You made it way further with 48 that I would have. I love the idea though!

  3. Love reading your blog. I miss you!!!

  4. I love the nerf wars picture, amazing! :)

  5. Well I've missed a lot! Congrats on the new house and hubby's promotion! Your summer looked very fun :)

  6. I voted for you!!! I looooved seeing your photos this summer, what a fun ideas. I would have to say your bike adventures were my favorite!

  7. 48 out of 60 is pretty good. Nothing to skoff at. Congrats kn the house buying and moving in. That is such an exciting time.

  8. Looks like you all had lots of fun. Congrats on the new house. Hope you all are settled in. Visiting from SITS!