Monday, August 19, 2013

Gone Fishing

Outdoorsman, I am not.  Fishing? Not in the least.  Yet, these city kids love the country life.  And what is childhood without a trip to the local fishing hole where the bluegills bite like mosquitos on a summer night? These children should not be denied such an experience. However, when fish bite quickly then two bait-ers are needed. Husband, 1. Me, 2.  Did I mention I don't fish???

Not only did I get to touch the squirmy worms and slide them on the hook. Yay me! I also got to cut the worms in half with my fingernail. Yummy. All so these kiddos can tell their fishing hole story one day. Now that is love.

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  1. Hey Nicole, I have to say your pictures are lovely. Sometimes even when we don't like to do something, when we are with the family, things change! I see there is joy there and fun! with worms included lol... The good thing is that you caught those moments on pictures, now they are memories of you trying to please your family. And that let me tell you, is a nice thing! GBU, xoxo Tayrina

  2. I wish there was more water around here to go fishing, I love it.

  3. Gag! Fishing will be a father daughter trip for this family!! LOL There is no way I'm touching worms!
    I do rmemeber loving it as a child though! Great trip, and cute little fish!!

  4. ohh fun! we haven't had a chance to go this year, Im so totally jealous!