Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tales From The New Home {Week 4}

Not a thing done to the house this week. School stuff took front and center. And the Marine was away. He spearheads all HOUSE related projects. Therefore, nothing happened. Today is a little tour of our downstairs living spaces as they currently look.

This is the office. The holding cell. 
In definite need of furniture but what kind?
Office or bedroom?
Not quite sure. 

Living Room.
Not my favorite layout of all times. 
But we make it work.

Love the mantle. 
I've always envied holiday mantles and now I get one!

The kitchen.
Always messy. Always busy.
This will be a work in progress.
Mr. Fix It wants to replace all the appliances with stainless steel.
The dishwasher is first on the list.
I want to put granite or quartz on the counter tops.
Mostly for resale value.
Also looking to change the paint to yellow and 
do something with the awkward space to the left of the cabinets.  

Our separate dining area.
We are very fortunate the furniture worked in the house.
It's incredibly frustrating when you move and your stuff doesn't fit.
If you move frequently, then you know. 

The red room.
A whole room devoted to one piece of furniture. 
I can't wait to fill this room.
And change the paint.

I enjoy the house and living off base.
I still find myself making excuses to go to Camp Pendleton.
I am not a big fan of being alone while Mr. Fix-It is away.
The thought of deployment, well, I won't even think of deployment.
He really shouldn't deploy because of his required followup treatment.
Click HERE for that story.
He is currently 2 years non-deployable.

I asked my husband his three favorite things about this house. His response:
1.) The loft
2.) Our master bedroom 
3.) The windows (they are pretty great)

My answers:
1.) The loft
2.) The backyard
3.) The blinds (Seriously!)

Husband's least favorite:
1.) The garage
2.) The distance from work
3.) The flooring

My least favorite:
1.) The fireplace placement
2.) No lights in the rooms.
3.) The office (unnecessary)

There are good and bad things. I guess perfection doesn't exist unless you design the house.
Never going to happen for this family. I couldn't handle the stress.

That is all I have this week.
Stop by next Satuday
for more house talk.


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  1. We have white tile counter tops in our current rental house. I don't think the previous owners EVER cleaned them, so they are permanently dingy. It drives me nuts. Yours look so white!! But, this house has taught me many lessons. Number one being that there is no way we're having tiled countertops.

  2. It is frustrating when you have furniture that doesn't work!

  3. I so hate when stuff doesn't fit in a new house.

  4. Oh yes...when we moved here we totally downsized...lost 700sq ft. Our furniture totally doesn't fit, but we squeezed it in anyway, lol.

  5. I love how you have your couches set up! We have that same lamp too! (:

  6. You are lucky to have a separate dining area/room! Its the one thing I've missed most lately. We always seem to find a house that we have to throw the table in the kitchen ... and half the time, that same kitchen has also been home to the washer and dryer hookups. The joys of living in older 50's built homes!

  7. I have a car now, so if you get super bored with the kids at school and no husband, we can meet up!

  8. I really like your house! It does have little quirks but they are in every house and those quirks can often become the gems (later on, when you figure out how to make them 'special' not 'awkward')