Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Little Farm Kids

There are some months which are especially difficult to live away from family. August is one of them. The last month of summer means we miss family gatherings, sprint car racing, weekends at the lake, Iowa State Fair, and sweet corn. Missing August may be worse than missing Christmas. Maybe. 

Luckily, someone who spoils us sends fresh sweet corn each summer. LOVE Love love! One less thing to miss. I thought it was only appropriate for the kids to husk the corn. The only way I know to clean corn is to assign the job to kids. I did it. Husband did it. We have officially passed the torch.  

Clearly, they loved it.

Zac argues he is a California kid. He doesn't need to learn how to husk corn. 

Derrick says Whatever. It's like five minutes of my life. No big. 

Derrick doesn't even like corn.  If anyone is the California kid... well, it must be him!

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  1. Zac-the California kid...haha I adore that! Im looking forward to when my littles are a tiny bit older to shuck my corn:)

  2. Gotta love sweet corn! Glad you're able to share this experience!

  3. We went to sprint car races in Perris Saturday night. The kids loved it!

  4. I love that you put them to work!