Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tales from the New Home {week 6}

Half way through our second month in the house. Wow. It feels like it has been longer. Months at least. Not much happened around the house this week. Busy work schedule for my husband and a school switcheroo for the boys. We felt the brunt of school overcrowding in the state of California. A big reality check for living off base. I never worried about anything school related because my kids always went to base schools. The majority of the students are military kids. The spots are typically open for military kids throughout the year. Living off base, we have to all but compete for spots at our "home" school. I do not like it.

We have spent the past week going from one school to the next and then being threatened to switch teachers again. A complete mess which has finally settled. The kids and I are happy with the outcome and loving their new school. I think the boys like it better than our "home" school. I do not foresee us returning this year.

Back to the house, Mr. Fix-It did manage to take out another overgrown shrub and a mess of vines from the front wall. Things are really improving.

I have been slacking on decorating. The office wall is lined with pictures and decor.  Out of pure desperation, I decided to put nails in pre-existing holes and hang my pictures.

Yes... it looks awkward... but anything else would require me to make a decision. I cannot make decisions about house stuff. Too stressful. Seriously, my friend had to pick out the paint for the kids' bedrooms. My husband arranged the furniture in our master. I am totally inept when it comes to houses. I will learn.

I do not have anything else to share about the house. How about a tour of our local park and community center? All are within walking distance from our house. We really lucked out on location!

I love all the space. A place to play, a spot to relax, and the pooch gets to come along too. There is a little something for everyone!

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  1. Looks great!! I am the worst at making decisions in general..but when it comes to house stuff? Ugh. I know that a lot of the time the decisions are permanent or hard to change and that makes me nervous. lol. Then it doesn't get done and I get angry and it starts all over again. :D

  2. I remember reading about when your first week there, to me it seems like you've been there much longer! Crazy! But everything is looking great:)

  3. Wow -- that looks like a GREAT park! I always have trouble decorating our walls. Maybe thats why we've been in this house for just over a year now, and most of them are STILL pretty bare! One of these days!

  4. It does seem a lot longer than 6 weeks! Your back yard is beautiful & I love that you can walk to the park. Hawaii might be our first time living on post, and I'm nervous about it!

  5. It's always nice to get stuff around the house taken care of. We've dubbed next friday a home improvement day haha.

  6. Love the area where you live! Looks so pretty and peaceful!