Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to the Grind

I finally, and I mean FINALLY, have a job. I have been looking forward to getting back into the workforce, using my education, and contributing to our household income. Although, being back to work means I now have two jobs.  Household manager (mom/wife/housekeeper) and employee. 

I have never really perfected the ratio of the two. I bet you can guess which one suffers. I walk in the door at 6pm and dinner has yet to be started. However, there are four people standing in my kitchen. How does the math work out on this one?  I need to dig out the crockpot.  I suppose cleaning out the spaghetti sauce would help too!

My kids are another story. This week we are re-learning what it means for mom to have a job. Everybody is expected to be a little more self-sufficient. Next week we are going to learn about helping out.  I am not great at delegating. I am even worse at being overwhelmed and stressed out.  My husband, the Gunnery Sergeant has promised to help me spearhead chore lists. I've learned a lot in my two months as a Gunny's wife. First and foremost, Gunnery Sergeant's embrace their supervisor role... all the time. In fact, that is about the only contribution they make...supervising. And fix dishwashers.

I have a few things to learn myself. I lost a few hours of "mommy & me" time. I do not want to give up all time with the kids. I am trading in my TV and computer hours for junior high gossip, card games, and story time. Happily.

Things will be quieter but I'm not going to stop writing. Promise.


  1. Oh goodness!! Best of luck! I seriously don't know how some working moms do it! Glad you're back working though!

  2. You can do it!! My mom was a full-time workin' mama and wife to my dad (a former Airman) and she somehow managed to balance the two well enough! She would also help iron and starch his uniform in the mornings (back in the day they had to do that lol)! It's all about teamwork! :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm a slow learner because I'm in my second week and still haven't fully learned to plan things. Dinner is the worse for me! Last night was sushi out because I forgot to plan dinner ahead of time :(

  3. Good luck lady! You'll be just fine once you all get adjusted and into a routine.

  4. I am excited for you!
    You will do great!!!!
    I'm slowing down a not since school started also.

  5. Hurray -- a new job is exciting! Once everyone gets into a bit of a routine, it will flow a lot more smoothly!

  6. I actually considered going back to work but it's such a hard thing to juggle being a Homemaker and work outside the home. Best of luck to you. Hopefully you will get everyone to contribute soon and it will make things much easier for you

  7. Congratulations on the job!!! You will find your groove sooner than you think!

  8. Congrats on the new job Nicole! I know it's a huge adjustment but it will all work out. Best of luck!

  9. It is a hard balance, but it can be done! Best of luck with your new job!