Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Celebrating The Big Ten

Get out the balloons and streamers! Honk your birthday kazoos. Today we are celebrating double digits  and when it's Zachary's birthday he wants EVERYBODY to know, especially our bloggy friends. There is no better way to honor a birthday in our house than writing a proper birthday post.

Many of you have gotten acquainted with Zac over the past year. He sure has taken a liking to my blog and coincidentally end up in any blog or Instagram picture I am taking.  Have you noticed?

Me neither.

Not too surprising since he has expressed an interest in his own blog. Maybe we need to start a guest post Tuesdays with Zachy.  A little much?!? I did share the spotlight with him in April. Do you remember his Military Child post? He is our aspiring Air Force pilot. We don't like to talk about that. Actually the boy has Marine written all over him!

Although there is evidence suggesting otherwise.

We blame it on too many back to back deployments. 

No matter what has transpired over ten years of life. This guy will forever be our cuddler...

Our funny guy...

Our smarty pants....

And always always our big sweetie!

Zac-- Ten is going to be a wild and crazy year. I hope it is all you imagined! Let's fill it with lots of go-kart racing and video games. Maybe throw in some roller coasters and a camping trip? You only live once! You gotta make 10 count!

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  1. Oh dear God! He's going to look back on this post in a few years and see himself in a dress and bathing suit and lose it, haha! Too cute. Happy birthday Zac!

    And let's hope he starts wanting to be a doctor or something a little less stressful for mom and dad :)!

  2. Happy Birthday to Zac! He's going to DIE over those pictures when he gets a little older. His future wife is going to LOVE them! I wish I could see more pictures of my husband when he was a kid.

  3. Happy Birthday, Zac! These pictures are priceless and amazing haha.

  4. Awww happy birthday Zac! Double digits whoop whoop!!

  5. Happy Birthday Zac! Hope you all have a great time celebrating double digits with him! With what you've shared about him, sounds like no matter what you do to celebrate it'll be a lot of fun!

  6. Happy Birthday, Zachary! I'd love to read a blog if you start one.

  7. Happy Birthday to your will man!!! And need to get that air force nonsense out of him :-) Semper Fi...

  8. OMG! Those girlie photos are great!! And I totally love the idea of having the kids on the blog!
    Happy birthday to Zac! I hope 10 is wonderful!

  9. Happy Birthday! Double digits is a big deal!