Friday, August 30, 2013

August Carabox Reveal

Time for a Carabox reveal! After taking a few months off from the Carabox swap, I hopped right back into this friendly exchange. When I read Wifessionals would be making matches between women of same age or life stage, I knew I was guaranteed a great experience. In fact, I would probably say this month was my best experience. As always the Carabox exchange assigns two "friends" to swap. My friend Suzi of Chores and Chandeliers sent a package to me. I sent a package to Jennifer at My Own Green Grass.

The Carabox is all about friendship. Two thirds of the month is spent exchanging emails and reading each other's blogs. Then you go shopping and create this personal gift for one of your new friends. Suzi sent my Carabox.  She is amazing. So cheery and personable. Yes, I can tell these things from email! She lives on a farm in Nebraska. Midwestern girl matched with a Midwestern girl at heart equals a perfect match!  You should really check out her blog. She lives in an adorable farm house which you can see HERE and she is super crafty which you can see HERE

Do you know the feeling of coming home to an unexpected package on your doorstep?
I love that feeling.

When I opened the Carabox everything was purple! 
Which just happens to be my favorite color.

This drink cup has become quite popular in our house.
I especially love to see my Marine husband drink from it.
There is just something about rhinestones and Marines that I find funny.

Handmade wreath for our new home.
Super thoughtful!

And a statement necklace. 
How can a girl not love a statement necklace?

A great box to conclude a great month of Carabox friendships. If you would like to see more Carabox goodies, click over to the linkup where you will find plenty of creative care packages! And don't forget to check out Jennifer's Carabox on her blog!

A truly great experience this month. Thanks ladies!

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Thank you!


  1. Awesome box! I'm thinking about signing up again next time! I like the new changes!

  2. Love what you received! You definitely should sneak a photo of your husband drinking out of the cup next time!

  3. SO GALD YOU LIKED IT! I loved getting to know you this month (and plan to more in the future). I agree, this was the best month so far. pairing up with people who have things in common works SO WELL!!!!

    Did you get the makeup bag?