Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tales from the New Home {week 5}

We've got another week in the house under our belt. Things are definitely starting to settle. The kids are back to school so we are finding it easier to set a routine. We had plenty of DIY last weekend and no major issues this week... unless you count the dishwasher which I'm starting to think we shouldn't. It seem kind of inevitable the thing is going to break at some point in the week.
Day 31: We were totally feeling the DIY so we headed to Lowe’s for some inexpensive and quick projects. Mr. Fix It decided to install a light in the laundry room. He is so cool! I would be absolutely freaking out if I had to mess with electricity. And he just installs a light like it’s nothing. I went for the toilet seats. I replaced one and struggled a bit. Mr. Fix It was there to coach me on and lend a helping hand. I’m getting the hang of this. Give me time.

Day 32: We woke up bright and early prepared for a day filled with landscaping. There were a couple spiky plants in the backyard needing to go. I did a quick Google check to see what types of trees/plants they were out of curiosity. One came up as a silky fern tree. The other was inconclusive. One search suggested it was a citrus something-scientific name. I thought the name was weird because it was spiky and no “citrus” fruits were growing from it. In my very limited expertise I didn’t believe citrus trees had spikes. I’m sure you can guess where this is going. And it pains me to write it.

We hacked down the first tree and pulled the whole thing out of the ground. We started on the second and removed practically every branch before we discovered three…that’s THREE limes. It still makes me absolutely sick to write it. We wanted citrus trees and would like to enjoy fruit from those trees. It is my understanding citrus trees take 7 years to mature before they bear fruit. This means we chopped down two almost fully matured trees down. All because we are inexperienced homeowners. Ugh! We left the second massacred tree in the ground. Hoping by some miracle it survives.

Day 32: Last day to enjoy summer before school starts. We headed to the water park. We came home to our first electric bill. Waiting in anticipation for Mr. Fix It to open the envelope, I’m figuring upward of $200. Surprise, the bill was under $100. I think we can loosen the reins on utility usage. We are going to be ok.

Day 33: Dishwasher wanted a little attention tonight. We knew it wasn’t draining water. Tonight I realized it wasn’t using the soap. I mention to Mr. Fix-It the dishwasher would likely need replaced sooner than we anticipated. Next thing I know he has the whole thing torn out and in the backyard. Yikes! Shall I clue you in by now it’s 8:30 pm? No time like the present, eh? An hour later he announced “Fixed it…again!” Good job baby. I hope this was the lucky turn.

Day 34: One boxed unpacked. Uniforms. Imagine that! How many sets of cammies and coveralls does one military person need? I think the correct answer is A LOT. There was also some major housecleaning and landscaping going on before noon. I got this!

Day 35: My friend, Helen, introduced me to the Home Goods store. 34 years into life and never once stepped foot into a Home Goods store. I’m in love. I walked out with a junk drawer organizer and a few mismatched plates to create a plate wall. I think. I’m looking to Pinterest to make it happen!

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  1. Home Goods is amazing!!! Such an amazing store.

  2. Oh no, poor lime tree!! It should grow back though, but certainly not this year! Just give it some love, and maybe some Miracle Grow if you're feeling ultra generous :)

  3. Oh my goodness! That's terrible about the line tree! Maybe it will grow back?? Oh dear!

  4. I can't believe you have just now been to a Home Goods!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have been so behind in blog reading lately, but I loved catching up on your move through the New Home Journal!