Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Glimpse of Things To Come

Just a couple of days ago, I put my lovely 13 year old daughter on a plane to Washington DC.  Ky was headed to a youth leadership conference in our nation's capital. A conference she was nominated to attend based on her hard work and character. This opportunity was a valuable experience we had to make happen.  Meaning, I would have to come to terms with her being on the opposite side of the country for one week.

She boarded the plane. And the plane landed safely in DC. She met the conference staff at the airport. She met her new roommates who she likes. Her days are filled with lots of learning and sightseeing. Lucky for me, she manages to fit in a phone call each night.

I hear lots of girly chatter in the background. She is having a blast. I'll be lucky if she comes home! She talks about the food in the cafeteria (not so great!). Her roommates (great!). She revealed a couple of secrets. The group stays up past curfew and pretend to sleep when the staff checks on them. The girls have started opening the adjoining door to enlarge their group and room size. Through all her excited chatter, it dawned on me... this is what our conversations will be like in five short years... when she is at college. 

At 13, I don't want to rush anything but I won't fool myself into believing it is far off.  I think this little trip is good for us. And it makes me think we need more of this kind of separation. She is a smart girl. She just doesn't quite know what she is capable of. She is always looking back for reassurance. Maybe that is my fault? Maybe I shelter her too much? My husband suggests I let her fall a couple times and she will get the hang of picking herself back up. But we aren't birds... I mean is the whole falling thing really necessary?!? 

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  1. Wow! What an amazing experience!! Your daughter seems like one amazing little girl. I hope she learns a lot at her conference and continues to have a blast (that's what's most important :) ).

  2. What an awesome experience for her!

  3. What a fun trip for her! I wish my mom had let me do some thing like that. I got nominated a couple times but the whole cross country (and one out of country) idea didn't sit well with her. Hurray for trips that push you to grow.

    My Wholesome Home

  4. Here's the best part of your post....she's telling you! She talking, communicating, confiding, and letting you be apart of her world away for one week. Seriously, whatever your doing is working. I'd say keep up the good work!! I hope she loves her trip, what an amazing experience! I do wonder how the boys are feeling with big sis away?

    1. I'm not sure what I'm doing right? I just figure it's her :) But thank you for pointing these things out. Sometimes I feel like I've got it right and other times all wrong. BTW...boys are kind of digging not having their sister around. They think she is kind of bossy.

  5. What an awesome opportunity for her! And awesome that she is staying in contact with you. I hope my little boy keeps me in the loop of things as he gets older!

  6. Aww...you're a great mom!!!

  7. You are super brave, but I know that is the biggest part about parenting, we have to leave them in God's Hands and trust that they will be ok.