Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cleaning This House {Pinterest}

We've been in the house for several days now.  Which is the reason for lack of blogging. Someone...who is me...didn't schedule internet installation until the last minute. Opps! So we have to wait a few days to get our setup equipment.  I'm hitting up the local Starbucks right now get my wi-fi fix.

The house is great. The neighborhood is great. But holy moly, we just about doubled our square footage! And every tote and box I carry up those stairs is a reminder someone... who is also me... will have to clean this place. I turn to Pinterest (again) to help me out.

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  1. Stopping by from Oh how Pinteresting. I needed this inspiration to stop procrastinating and start cleaning!! Thanks! Kind of...=)

  2. Those are some great ideas!! Good luck getting everything clean!!

  3. Have you tried that drain cleaner yet? I need something for my upstairs drain.

  4. I sometimes wonder if a bigger house wouldn't be easier to clean. More space equals less clutter. Of course if your anything like me you will just double the amount of stuff you have!!!

  5. Girl, I feel your pain! We moved into our current place a year ago ... and more than doubled our sq. footage. And with two hurricanes for kids, I feel like I never get the house completely clean! Enjoy your new home {and put the kids to work on some chores to give yourself a break!}

  6. These are all such good tips! I will have to try the drain cleaner--I hate using the heavy-duty chemical kind from the store.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)