Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Irrational Fears


It’s my irrational fear. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it. I’ve never had a terrible experience or known someone who has. Gradually, I’ve just gotten more and more fearful of horses.

When I was younger, they fascinated me. I can remember my parents buying me a horse at age 5. The problem is they bought the unbroken horse not the ready-to-ride one I had hoped for. My very daring uncle tried to break him without success. I witnessed the challenge. I think that is where is started.

I use to have a reoccurring dream. I’m walking through a pasture. A horse is following close behind and then begins to get a little close for comfort. I start to run a little. Then the horse knocks me down and starts to eat my leg. I pretty much hated horses from this point forward.

I tried to ride here and there. I remember going to Girl Scout camp and trail riding. Some how managing to always get put on the one horse who wants to be “ornery”.  Oh you silly horse! LOL!

No… more like …never again!

I believe I never got on a horse ever again. Not my thing. They freak me out. As an adult, the tricky part is raising kids who love horses. A daughter who wants to take riding lessons…every week.

How do you summon enough courage to not transfer your irrational fears onto your children? For you, it may not be horses; any irrational fear fits the question. Do you conveniently avoid the opportunity to let your child experience your fear? Or do you deal with your own angst long enough to let them have fun?


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  1. You send them to grandma's house, so they can have all the horsey around they want. Because grandma loves horses. And I have learned over the years of purchasing better horses. My first horse was about as broke as the white pony you had, when I was younger also.

  2. Agh so funny! I used to ride a little. Horses are actually a lot dumber than you think. Thay have a huge body but a tiny tiny brain. Or at least that's what my brother told me. He's the one that taught me to ride.

  3. My first experience of riding a horse, I was 'supposedly' given the gentle smaller horse. Well, this little guy had some big britches! He jumped out of the fenced area, yes with me on his back, and just ran down the ROAD! How I managed to stay on, I will never know. The girl with me who owned the horse, had to come after us and slow him down. They may fear us, but they are strong and I fear them. I do enjoy their beauty though.

    Found you through the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop! (Thanks)

    Wendy @effiegirl.blogspot.com

  4. I understand you not really wanting a horse. I always tell people I want a pony, but I don't really. They are big animals they can be great, but if they are big animals, if something goes wrong you can really get hurt around one.

    Heidi’s Wanderings