Sunday, July 7, 2013

If It's Not Your Train

This quote has become my mantra this week. I keep reminding myself over and over again throughout the day. I subtle reminder as I wait to hear about a position I interviewed for this past week. The job is serving military families which is always my focus. Always. I would empty trash barrels on a military base if it meant serving military families. Ok... not necessarily true but serving the military community is my passion. I believe in what military members are doing and the families who stand behind them. I want to use my experience and education to make their lives better. When I interact with a military spouse, child, or military member, I want them to feel like they are being treated with the upmost respect and service. I understand the stressors of military life. I live them. But I am finally in a position where I've gained enough experience and knowledge to be helpful to others.

Can you tell I want this job?

As I wait to hear back, I have to remind myself what is suppose to happen will happen. And because I believe in a God who arranges all things in my life, I should be really good at letting things go and accepting what happens.  

But I'm not. 

I want what I want. Not feeling like I have control over something is uncomfortable for me. Very uncomfortable. And job searching is one of those things I have no control over. I write all my information down on paper and put it out there for all to judge. When I finally get the interview, I put even more of me out there and then I wait. It's not a fun process. In fact, I pretty much hate it. It is even more annoying when I really want the job and I know I would be great at the position.

Please pick me ...puh-lease. 

And I'm back to square one. The truth is I do know things are going to fall into the exact place they are suppose to. I do know it. However, when you are on the front side of all those pieces falling into place, it's not nearly as easy as being on the back side. So, I go back to reminding myself...

If this train doesn't stop, then it wasn't mine. 

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  1. Praying that it's yours!!!!

  2. awww i love that quote!!


  3. Good luck!!! I hope the train stops!

  4. Good luck! I certainly understand your struggle. The job search is an interestingly frustrating journey. Chin up!

  5. The fact that you are having this kind of attitude shows that you have so much maturity and faith. Good luck to you!