Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home Adventures

I haven't mentioned much about the offer on the house. I might be a little superstitious thinking I could jinx us. We are in escrow and everything has been going along quite smoothly. I'm rather impressed with how on top of things people are. I would not change any person in this equation yet. Ok, maybe the appraiser. He is kind of slow. Otherwise, everyone is great.

The appraiser is key for us because we are going VA. We have heard VA appraisals can be lower than others which means we would be at the mercy of the seller. Given this is a seller's market, he could walk away and sell above value to an investor. It's in the back of my mind that he might consider it. He would be a fool not too. However, the rumor is the seller wants the house to go to a family not an investor. I really hope it is true.

Going through this process has really brought out the decorator in me. I can't help but get caught up in the daydreaming of paint colors and wall decor and new furniture arrangements. I've never really been one to be concerned with home decor so it's a big change. I've gone a little crazy with my Pinterest board 'Home Adventures' this week.  Here are some of my recent pins.

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  1. Love your pins! Fingers crossed on that appraisal!

  2. Seeing your pictures has brought out the decorator in me!! LOL I'm so excited for you!! Best of luck!