Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Another New Build

I have to admit things have been a bit hectic around here. This week is the last week of school for the kids so automatically there is just a bustle of activity. Plus, we put in an offer last week on a house and it was accepted. Which is really great and kind of crazy all at the same time. We don't know if we are going to get the house but everyone is making a valid effort to make it happen. And by everyone we mean agents, seller, buyer (that's us), and lender. The only variable is appraiser and inspector. Which I am all for the inspector coming back with bad news because I don't want to buy a house with problems.

Until I have good news to share with you, I've decided to post another photo tour of another new home build because I thought the other one was so fun!

Super Hero room. 
How cool is that?

Love this teeny-bopper room. No headboard needed with this paint design.

Master Bedroom.

I love these wall mirrors. It's a simple arrangement I would never think of. 
But it's just a good use of wall space, don't you think?

Living Room area.

This kitchen is actually very similar to the house we put the offer on.
Not quite so upgraded but the layout is the same.

Leads right into the dining area.

How do these design people make it look so easy?

This is the front of the house. 
I have one more model home to show you,
then I promise to be done.

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  1. OH MY GOSH, THAT HOUSE!!! I an obsessed with that color scheme throughout the whole thing :) Good luck!

    1. I think we could safely dub this the Orange House. But it worked.

  2. I like that kitchen! Congrats! I hope it all works out and that the inspection comes back clean!

    1. I love the kitchen too. I like the island w sink. And the backsplash. And the white cabinets and dark granite.

  3. I LOVE all of the orange! & the orange zebra print chair in the dining area is awesome! I really want it. ;)

    1. I hadn't noticed the chair. But now I see it and you are right...super cute!

  4. The super hero room would be awesome!!!

  5. I wish I could design like that. Not my strong suit!

  6. I love the consistency and flow of the same color pallat throughout the entire house!!

  7. Ahh! I'm in love!!! That house is decorated SOOO BEAUTIFULLY! This makes me a little excited to house hunt again in the future.

  8. Congrats on your offer being accepted! That's so exciting. I hope your inspection goes well.
    && I'm in love with this model.