Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meet Chelsea from Anchors Aweigh

Hey everyone! Today I am swapping blogs with Chelsea from Anchors Aweigh. I'm sure you've guessed she is a military wife, a new military wife to be exact. Her blog is full of sweet adventures with her husband, yummy recipes, and other fun things happening in her life. I hope you will leave a short 'hello' and hop over to her blog to read about my plans for a Summer Bucket List. One guess what we are doing this summer.....


Hello Adventures of a Semper Fi Family readers! My name is Chelsea, and I blog over at Anchors Aweigh about my own little adventure as a military wife. I have loved getting to know Nicole over the past couple of months and was so excited when she asked me to guest post on her blog about my summer favorites. I could gush about my love for summer for days, but honestly don't we all love this time of year? So instead, I'd like to share some fun things that get me excited for the season of the itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini.

Summer colors! My husband recently built me a new desk, and I instantly wanted to be a little adventurous with the color. My natural inclination was of course to paint it brown but I stepped outside of my comfort zone and chose a bright turquoise. I am so pleased with how it turned out. It definitely makes working away in the office just a little more fun.

Weekend Getaways! My husband and I recently moved to a new base, so we are trying to get in as many little getaways to new places as possible. We recently went to San Antonio, Tx to visit Sea World and stroll along the River Walk. All I can say is after Sea World, we really want a pet sea lion. How cute are these babies?!

Touring the Alamo was also a huge bonus.

All That Food! It wouldn't be right to rave about summer without touching on the delicious summer dishes that make my heart happy. A few favorites:

Or my personal favorite, this easy fruit pie. Fourth of July parties, anyone?

So what gets you excited for summer? I'd love for you to come by my blog and say hello! Thanks so much to Nicole for letting me take over her blog for a day!

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