Thursday, June 6, 2013

I Heart Home Design Professionals

Ok, so why didn't anyone ever tell me the joy of touring new build models? I feel I've been missing out on this invaluable resource for home decor. Have you been? Seriously, it's like date night material. Girls Night Out at the very minimum!
As you know, we've been looking at houses the past couple of weeks and occasionally get a little overwhelmed. A lot of time is spent looking and looking until a house finally catches our eye and the eye of five other willing buyers who have submitted their offers. A less stressful option for us has been the new builds. Unfortunately, there is a waiting list, a very long waiting list. Part of maintaining your spot on the list is attending each phase release. At each release, everyone from the list waits patiently for their name to be called so they can select a lot to build their chosen home model on. Problem is 40 other people are hoping their name will be called for the 7 lots available. Everyone else defaults to the next opening and you do it all again. A great waste of time to prove you are serious.
Speaking of wasting time, release day is full of minutes to be wasted. I like to walk through the home models. They are so pretty and perfect. Here is our favorite model: 

When we walk into houses and there is a room like this
 My kids ask What would this room be used for?
Apparently, they think a sitting room is a total waste of space.

I like the kitchen. I love the cabinet colors and paint on the walls.
I could definitely see this color scheme in our house.

Laundry room

Master Suite
As much as I would love a reading area-slash-office in my bedroom.
This would never happen.
I imagine this space would hold rubbermaid containers of holiday decor, military gear, 
and possibly a loveseat & TV.
I can always dream.
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  1. The kitchen and laundry room are amazing. I am getting antsy about buying a house (though we know we don't want one here and he probably won't stay in the military). I hope the house hunt works out better for you guys! That must be a bummer and really taxing. Oh, and the sitting room. Umm for wine and reading time. Duh guys! :)

  2. LOVE that color scheme...that's like the perfect paint color on the walls!

  3. I LOVE the kitchen cabinets! We're currently in debate on redoing our kitchen (after a year of owning the house) and we still cannot agree on things. Them cabinets would look GREAT with our dark cherry hardwood floors!

  4. That is a beautiful home! I agree, the color scheme is amazing

  5. You're right, I could do these model home tours and gain tons of inspiration! This one is beautiful, I love the way they hung curtains in some of the rooms. Hope the numbers go in your favor very soon!

  6. I'm in love with that kitchen!
    We are thinking about getting land and building a house in Colorado.
    I never knew it was that difficult. i think I'm going to start doing some walk throughs
    just to get an idea of how we want things (;

  7. These are totally gorgeous designs. I could tell every detail of it is meticulous thought out. :)
    Ed of