Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ride Our Bikes To The Store

One of my favorite memories from childhood was riding my bike to the store. A dollar or two in my pocket and a plethora of choices in the candy aisle. Nothing could be better. These are the memories our kids will never have. We have found ourselves kind of stuck in city life. Not that Camp Pendleton is the city but it is a very big military base. It's almost two miles to the store. Lots of busy roads and traffic. The only way to give my kids the experience was to ride along with them. I added Ride Our Bikes To The Store on our Summer Bucket List. This week we managed to cross it off. Our first thing we crossed off the summer list.

This picture is much like the victory pose. We made it! 
It's a long uphill road to the store.

I gave all the kids a certain dollar amount to spend.
Not sure why but they all chose Icees.

Whatever makes them happy.
It's all about letting them be the decision makers.
I just sat back and dreaded the bike ride home. 
I can guarantee there will not be another bike ride to the store.
I'm getting too old for this!

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  1. What fun things to do with your kids! :) I remember my parents doing the same thing with us when we were little. :)

  2. This is so fun!! I'm glad you got to share that experience with your kiddos! :)

    I am from a big city, so I was never allowed to do this as a kid... it looks/sounds fun, though!


  3. What a great experience for your kids! I don't know that I would have been brave enough to attempted it but it's awesome you were!
    Yay for checking off bucket list items :)

  4. I loved riding to the ice cream shop when I was little. We try to take nightly bie rides with my little one after dinner. I hope she holds the memories close to her like I did. Your kids look like they really enjoyed themselves!

    Im a new follower. I would love for you to come visit me at

  5. I loved doing that as a kid too! Although we more often walked, we had fairly busy streets and walking (so as not to fall off one's bike into traffic) was usually what we did.

    My Wholesome Home

  6. Aww fun!! I've been wanting to get us bikes! Dairy Queen is less than a mile away for us. I love your family time adventures!

  7. Cool! We used to ride our bikes to the "Fas-Mart" gas station around the corner from our house, it was honestly probably about a mile ride but we loved it!