Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Break Shenanigans

Gotta love a husband who reminds you at 10:30pm the blog needs a new post.  
My reply, " I don't really have anything to say." 
But then again, do most bloggers really have anything to say? 
In all honesty, I do have lots to say. 
I just don't know how to organize it in a way that won't be rambling.

Maybe we can just start with phone pics. I'm really good at taking photos. Ok, not the photo itself but actually taking photos. I take lots and lots.
Sometimes, I will find a picture or two the kids have taken. 
Mom's phone = fair game in this house. Which I will never understand but whatever. 
It's kind of fun to find their random pictures.  

What do you think?
Pile of toys or great hiding place?!?
Yep, there's a kid in there.

On Saturday we went to a 1st Birthday party. 
Oh how times have changed in the world of birthdays!
Thank you Pinterest.
Check out this cake! I'm still in awe. Momma did good.

We have this thing in our house where the person we are celebrating gets to choose the day's activities.
Father's Day was Sunday which means husband gets to pick.
And everybody in this house knows we stay home when he picks.
Apparently, it's called relaxing.

Although, he did take the kids to the Mud Run course and they ran a small part of the obstacle.
Shh...don't tell. I'm sure someone would have a fit.
The small part entailed a big muddy pit (of course).
My wash machine loved it!

Now we start our first week of summer break.
Which typically means appointments in our house. We have a week of dentist, doctor, and hair appointments to get through before the fun starts. 
Yes, its safe to say I've been putting some things off. 


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  1. aww ur hubby sounds too sweet!! =) my hubby just bought me a camera for blogging... its nice to have a husband who appreciates our hobby =)