Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Know That Was You


Do you ever have these moments? I've had quite a few the past two weeks.
My latest was yesterday when the realtor called.
The appraisal came back. And get this...the house appraised for more than the listing price.

Remember how I said that never happens with VA loan? 
Honestly, my neighbor was here on Monday and their VA home appraisal came in almost $20000 under asking price. Which had us even more worried ours would come back low.

Thankfully, it wasn't our story and when the realtor said 'more than the asking price' 
I just looked up and smiled. 
What a cool cool God!


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  1. Amen!!
    I am so glad you shared this. Some people might not even think to share it on their blog, but I think it's awesome that even the "little" (but truly important,) things get shared!

  2. I love those moments or reminders that God is there for you and that he makes the ultimate plans!