Friday, June 28, 2013

Dentist Office Shenanigans

Some of you may have seen a few pictures posted to Instagram yesterday by my wonderful child. I had a cavity filled at the dentist and took my youngest along because I felt he would benefit most from adult supervision. I had given him my phone to play games with. And you can see how that worked out! This is what he posted...

I apologize for not posting a picture of my new water bottle sooner.
I really didn't think it was very important you all saw it.
Thanks for posting, Derrick!

Not really sure what show we are watching.
Gotta love the hygienists and assistants who hook your kid up.

My favorite. 
It reminds me that I need a password on my phone
or start signing off Instagram.
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  1. Haha saw these on instagram and had to laugh!

  2. It was hilarious to watch this unfold! My phone has been taken over and hacked a time or's always interesting. I happen to especially love Derricks video.