Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good News!

Because I share the downs of deployment, it's only fair I share the ups too. I finally got to video chat with my husband last night. I haven't seen his face since October. I love technology! I wish we could use it a little more often though!

We tried to wake the boys so they could talk too. 
They just weren't having it.
Still makes an adorable picture.

Thankfully my husband is so handsome and a good sport.
The Lord knows he would be in so much trouble if he posted unedited closeups of me on a blog.
Just another reason to love him!



  1. Awww yay!! You gotta love technology. :)

  2. The connection my husband has overseas is terrible...but at least we get to see each other through FaceTime! Technology is wonderful :)

  3. So happy you two were able to Skype! I am always thankful for the technology we have nowadays!

  4. That's wonderful!! Must have made the rest of your day wonderful!

  5. Yay! Technology sure does make deployments a lot easier!

  6. Aw that pic of your son trying to be awake is too sweet. I am so glad you got to see your husband!