Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's Talk Spring!

Last week I didn't want to talk about 'Spring'. It seemed so far off. 
Then I looked at my calendar and...OMG...March 1st is on Friday! 
Can you believe it? 
I'm pretty sure spring starts in March, right? The 21st, maybe?? 
The weather isn't quite spring-y yet but it's coming.
I feel it in my bones!
Actually I don't. I don't feel nothing but frigid mornings here in SoCal.
 I'm just super excited about my new Pinterest board, EASTER
So many cute things I found to pin. 
You can follow the Easter board HERE 
It's much easier than scrounging around in your free time looking for 
equally cute stuff!  

Here are a few of my favorites:

Our Best Bites


Do you notice a common theme?
No, not Easter. That's a bit obvious!
The pins are all easy stuff. That is the name of the game.
I've got three kids and a husband who is MIA.
I want to pack a punch with as little prep as possible.

Hop over and check out some more great pins
On the Easter board.



  1. I'm doing the you've been egged thing with my youth group kiddos! I'm super excited about it too :)

    1. I've never seen the EGGED thing but I love it!

  2. The mason jars are so cute! I'm beyond ready for Spring.

  3. Connecting through the link up. How cute are these pins! I love Easter pastels!

  4. Fun pins! I love the idea of an egg hunt done like that- so much fun for friends with little kids!

  5. I'm so excited for Spring! That seems to be the theme of the posts today.

  6. I can not wait for the spring and warm weather! I'm so ready!