Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jeeps and Chryslers for Everyone!

Am I the only person in America who didn't watch the Super Bowl? Or YouTube the commercials? I feel I'm living about a week behind the rest of the world without a TV. As of Tuesday afternoon, I have only watched two commericals. Thankfully for Facebook newsfeeds!

If the quality of commercials can be indicated by the Jeep and Ram Truck ads, then I am sorry I missed them all!

Click to Watch Video
First, the Jeep commercial hits incredibly close to home. The words, emotion, starey-eyed looks from those children...heart breaking. For those of you not military, Jeep had it spot on.

Missed...needed...cried for...prayed for. Check, check, check, AND check. Love this commercial.

Next, 'God Made A Farmer' Ram Truck commercial. You know this Iowa girl has something to say.

My initial reaction was to Paul Harvey's voice. For ten years, I woke up bright and early to his voice every weekday morning. The local AM radio station would play Paul Harvey and my stepfather would turn it up for all to hear. I never really appreciated Mr. Harvey's stories or his voice at the time. I mean really who blares Paul Harvey at 6:30 AM. A farmer! Except my stepfather wasn't a farmer, he was a former farm kid. Hearing his voice brought me right back to those mornings.

The Ram commercial had beautiful images of farmers and farm country. I'm not sure I could live the Iowa life these days but I miss my home state. I grew up in a small farming community, so I was no stranger to corn fields and tractor jams, think traffic jams. As a child, I spent lots of hours on my grandparents' farm. My favorite place to spend time was in the pig shed watching babies be born. Weird but true. 

If you didn't catch these commercials I've got a link here in the post or hop over to my Facebook page to view.

I'll leave you with a quick pic of me and the boys embracing our Iowa roots. I mean my Iowa roots. My kids are California kids, as much as they like to deny it. But they sure look cute in Black n Gold!



  1. Both of those commercials were fantastic. I didn't watch the game but a handful of my Military friends who watched it - posted that video and I loved it!

    Thank you for all that you and your husband do for our country! :)

  2. I love these commercials and that picture of you and the kids is great! :)

  3. That jeep commercial was amazing. I am glad it got so much buzz and seemed to remind people what our military families are facing on a daily basis!

    1. I think the commercial definitely gave a good picture of our lifestyle. I'm glad it got a Super Bowl spot.

  4. I'm mentioned you on my blog! Keep a look-out for the next day or so! -Kelsey from Keeping Up With Kelsey

    1. Oh how fun! I can't wait to see what you wrote :)