Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pinterest Fanatic, That's Me!

When it comes to blogging everyone seems to have their speciality. Some blogs have a cool niche with tons of followers, others have loyal and interactive readers, some do a killer link up, and others clever Tweets. I have yet to really succeed in any of the above. I'm mediocre at best! My specialty is none of the above. My speciality is Pinterest. And girl, I love me some Pinterest!

With a deployed husband, I've got time on my hands. I put the kids to bed at night and I scroll through boards and boards AND boards of random stuff. I go to my favorite blog linkups and pin from there. I 'google' all kinds of topics to find great pins. And I love every stinking minute. 

Second to my love for Pinterest is a Pinterest linkup. Oh How Pinteresting is one of my favorites. I literally get to blog about stuff I've pinned on Pinterest. How great is that?!? Of course, you don't have to wait for a blog posts to see what I'm pinning. You can follow me by clicking the Pinterest button {P} on the side bar or follow this LINK.

*IMPORTANT* Please do not pin anything from this blog post. Please follow through to the Pinterest link provided in picture captions. I would like the original person to receive all credit for their posts. Thank you so very much!

Monday night I went crazy on my style board. I have lots of new pins. I'm not quite ready for spring. It's too cold for short and tanks. We've got plenty of time for all that. Let's stay focused on sweaters and boots for one more month, shall we?

Pinned Here from JEverydayFashions
Pastel jeans and polka dots. Two trends I'm loving right now.
This girl has got the market on Pinterest. I see her everywhere.
I l-o-v-e her classic style.
The blog name is J's Everyday Fashions.

Pinned HERE from Lilly's Closet

Another girl populating Pinterest. 
Lilly's Style. 
Neon paired with classic tweed. Genius!
I like it's pink and not neon yellow
Have you noticed how trendy the neon yellow has become?
I'm hoping it passes quickly because I will never pull it off!

Here is my most popular pin lately:

Pinned HERE from Fashion Worship

This outfit comes from Fashion Worhsip.
I haven't explored the website yet. 
The tag line is 
'Womens' apparel from 
fashion designers and fashion design schools".
It appears to be a Polyvore/Tumblr hybrid.
Lots of styling ideas.
It's probably worth your visit.

My friends I could change gears and clutter your computer screen with Easter crafts and recipes galore. However, I feel this is a good stopping point for us!

Please visit my Pinterest boards and follow along.
It's win-win. 
You save time and get cute pins.



  1. I love that neon pink and tweed...very cute!

  2. I love J Everyday Fashions!

    Your pins are so cute! Stopping by from the link up and wanted to let you know I have a great giveaway happening on my page now :)

  3. Hi I'm a new follower by gfc, would be great if you linked up your post on my share your style Saturday blog hop? love this outfit :)