Monday, February 25, 2013

Cara Box Reveal

Today is Linkup Day with Kaitlyn at Wifessionals to reveal February Cara Boxes.
It's fun to check out all the packages delivered this month 
between new found friends.

 What is a Cara Box? It's a monthly "gift exchange" for women. Yes, you heard it, "NO BOYS ALLOWED". Every month women, bloggers and non-bloggers, sign up to become pen pals of sorts. Each person has two pals; one to send to and one to receive from. I sent my box to:

and received a box from:

Kristin was a fantastic Carabox match. She sent thoughtful questions and sincere responses. By the end of the month, I could honestly say 
'I like this girl'! 
Please hop over and say 'hello' to Kristen!  Her blog is full of love and sweetness of two young kids in love. Newlyweds in their first year of marriage, remember those days? If young love doesn't make you smile, then her much loved dog Frappy will! 

 How about I show you what was in my Cara Box now?
Here was the package I found on my doorstep.

Here are the contents:

Lots of goodies screaming warmer weather, flowers, and sunshine!

And you see that zigzag ring directly above this sentence?
I'm wearing it to Homecoming!
Thanks Kristen. And I might do a trial run on the dress for Easter. 
Just cause trial runs on Homecoming outfits are super important!

 And I've got a jumpstart on my Easter decorating with a cute egg garland and window clings. My kids will love deciding where to put these holiday items.
 Plus new makeup (yay)! And chocolate (double yay)!

Cara Box was a great experience. I'm heading over to join March's exchange. 
You wanna join me???



  1. I've been reading alot about the Cara box, and want to try. I think I'll join you for March!

    I never did a trial run for homecoming outfits when I was married to my Marine. I was (back then) the KV advisor, and was always a little crazy making sure homecomings flowed correctly for the spouses - BUT, I would agree that its a good idea! Those rings are too cute! What color is your homecoming dress?

  2. I had never heard of a Cara box before but it sounds like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing that!!
    Looks like you got hooked up with an amazing gal :)

  3. You are too sweet. I am glad we were paired up. I know I didnt follow the sexy theme, but I figured the kids would be excited for easter decorations and went that route instead :)