Friday, February 22, 2013

Fitness Friday

I am designating Fridays as Fitness Friday. A day to post exercise, nutrition, and related goals of my week. I have been trying desperately to reach my goal of losing ten pounds during this deployment. But I am doing a terrible job. I lost 3 pounds in three weeks. Then I gained 2 back the following 2 weeks. I need accountability. I feel blogging my goals and progress may be a way to stay on track. I need to stop moving backwards.

Every Friday until May, I will be checking in with my weekly exercise and nutrition recap. I will try to add any helpful tips and information which motivates me to keep going. My hope is this weekly check in will encourage me to skip the milkshakes and zucchini fries. Both are my weakness.


Monday- OFF
Tuesday- Zumba/50 situps
Wednesday- 1 hour walk/hike (3.5 miles)/ 50 situps
Thursday- 20 min. Zumba via Youtube/ 50 situps


Monday- BLT/Zucchini Fries/ Milkshake (Bad News!!)
Tuesday- Chinese Barbecue Chicken (Weight Watchers), Couscous, Salad
Wednesday-Mexican Pork Stew/Brown Rice/ Green Pepper (Weight Watchers)
Thursday- Crispiest Oven Fried Chicken (Weight Watchers)/ Baked Sweet Potato


Work out every day
50 crunches every day
Go to Combat Cycle
Attend one new fitness class at the gym
No milkshakes or zucchini fries!

I will see you back next week for another Fitness Friday.



  1. You are doing awesome my friend! :)

  2. I've been trying to do a better job at being healthy too. Lent helps me stick to my goals! I told myself no sweets or alcohol during the week. Only on the weekends if we're out to dinner or out with friends. So far, so good! We'll see if I can keep it up when we go on vacation next month! ;)

  3. Get it girl! So excited for your goals! Can't wait to hear how they go this week. Thanks for linking up!