Monday, January 14, 2013

The Closet from Hell

I'm not sure why I thought being productive during deployment was a great idea. I was happily moping in my chair last night about this 'no communication' thing we've got going on. 10 days without any word from the husband. I'm entitled to a little 'woah is me' time. But in the back of my mind is this bucket list I've created. A deployment bucket list which is more of a "To-Do" list. I really should have filled it with pampering expensive treats. Not DIY kitchen table or clean the d@$# hall closet. A task I have been avoiding like the plague for months. I've made several feeble attempts but I just give up. Now it's on "The List" {with finger quotations} and I'm forced to deal with it.

I would like to believe we all have a place where we stuff crap. Please tell me you do too. Under the bed, in the drawer, the garage, somebody? Anyone willing to make me feel better? Maybe you're all neat freaks. Whatever. I am about to make a major social faux pas. I am showing you the closet. *gasp*  

Then you can truly understand why Organize the Hall Closet has to be put on a bucket list.

It is full of random crap no one touches. Yet we can not get rid of anything.

Let's start with this bag of screws. That's it. Random crap no one touches.     

How about my old college textbooks? 
In a box with a PCS sticker from our move 2 years ago. 
Am I the only person who believes I will A.) re-read my college textbooks or B.) get a job where the books will be good reference material *ha-ha-ha-ha-HA*
Time to go.

Empty boxes anyone? This one is hard because if boxes are helpful when you are moving, especially with military movers. OK, boxes stay.

Kids Art Work. 
I need a storage unit just for my children's art work.
I hate deciding what is worthy of keeping and what should go.

What about VHS tapes and other outdated media?
Am I really suppose to throw away all those memories?

Revisiting the closet reminds me to avoid sales.
Wouldn't these make cute little "Happy Day" gifts? 
I thought so too. Six months ago.

Then I have uniforms to deal with.
Nuff said!

And books I've read.

And you all know I'm going to have a Target bag or three in my closet.

Time for an intervention.

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  1. You are with me, Nicole. My house is full of mess. I always piling up unnecessary things at home. And I still keep old college books. :) I think, I should be in Clean House TV show and get

  2. ^ Honeybee, you never know when your gonna need those college books ;) I keep mine too. lol

    You may have a closet as a catch all, but I've got a whole room! Its on our To-do list, as soon as our paper/boxes recycle bin gets picked up this week. I've got empty boxes piling up from Christmas, decorations that need to be put back in the closet (couldn't get to the closet because of the boxes) and blankets to fold. I also need to reorganize the closets we have in there. My excuse, its a guest bedroom and we haven't had guests yet ;)

  3. If it makes you feel any better, I have two rooms of "stuff" that I need to go through. They are simply unusable until I clean them out. They make your closet look nice and clean!!
    I love how we both keep college books... I am thinking of ebay or putting them on the curb. They will likely go on the curb!

  4. I finally went through absolutely everything before our last PCS, it may be feel so much better haha.

  5. I did things like that when my husband was on a blackout for days too! And about the artwork, I saw something on Pinterest where you take really nice pictures of their artwork and then get it made into a photo book! Then you don't have to keep it everywhere :) Just an idea!

    Thanks again for sponsoring Hooah and Hiccups this month! I sent you an email but I'm not sure if it went through... check your spam maybe!