Friday, January 4, 2013

InstaFriday: Out with the Old!

Not much going on in the world of Instagram via semperfifam. (Follow along if you'd like!)
 It's been random this week.
This guy couldn't be happier to be home after vacation.
He looks so cute and cuddly but really he was trying to get the sun.
Like me, he isn't a fan of snow.

I bought myself a little celebratory drink to ring in the new year. 
Too bad I fell asleep by 10pm.
Now I'm saving it for Homecoming.

I took a December photo challenge #capturingdecember.
Photo challenges give you daily prompts and a community to share with.
The prompt for this picture: The Sky. 
I didn't notice until after how ominous those clouds look.
Needless to say, the rain came in full force shortly after.

Lucky me! My mail was full of fun stuff when we got home. I guess vacations around Christmas and birthdays make for good mail days! Holiday cards and packages galore. 
This package is from a Santa swap for bloggers. My match was Candi's Corner.  The gift was incredibly  thought out and personal. Thanks so much!

I also received a small gift from Lucia K Jewelry. Another blogger/jewelry designer I've met through the blogging world. The story is sweet yet complicated. You can read all about it HERE.
Cute story. Worth reading. 
I will reveal her amazing creations soon. I just want to do it justice by making sure I'm photo worthy too!

And this is my week in pictures. 
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Hey there!! I am glad you enjoyed the gift. I didn't see the wine stopper, please tell me it made it in the box!! It was the best part!!

    1. Good catch! I already packed it away with my holiday decorations. It shipped well and it was the best part :) Next to the moon pies, of course!

    2. Awesome! I thought maybe I didn't pack it!! Glad to hear it came through ok. :) Technically there was ANOTHER moon pie flavor, but it didn't make it out of this house. I guess my son thought it was meant for him.

  2. The first picture is too sweet. :)

  3. I am so excited for your homecoming! WHOOP WHOOP!

  4. yay! glad it arrived safely. hope you enjoy

  5. Is that champagne you got? Do you know if a good brand? I want to get champagne to surprise my husband when he's back from training but I have no clue what kind is good.