Friday, January 25, 2013

InstaFriday: Chillin' at Home

We made it through another week. Yippee. Did the sarcasm make it through? Oh well, not important. This week has been a bit unpleasant. The kind of week you hope to never encounter during deployment. But nothing less than what you should expect to happen during deployment. One challenge after another.

And the award for "What Sucks The Most This Week And I'm Still Not Dealing With It"...the broken clothes dryer! Ding ding ding.  

Oh you should see my house. We are hanging everything to dry. Yes, my house looks awesome! 

Hmph! Ugh! *scream* *stomp my feet*
*sigh* *open bottle of wine*
End rant. 

Let's refocus on happier stuff, shall we? How about a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles manicure? You know you want one! Ky and I were having a little girl time last weekend. We decided to go off the grid of conventional. If you want to impress the tween crowd, then try this one. 

Another Pinterest find... 
I made three plates filled with blondie brownies and delivered them to the "new" neighbors. 
I'm overdue for introductions since most have been here for 2-3 months.
Better late than never. 

Everyone seemed genuinely appreciative of the gesture.
They were happy. I was happy.
Win win. 

This is how we watch The Biggest Loser. Once a week we gather around the computer to watch via website. Maybe we are the biggest losers?!?

Tuesday was hair day. 
Love hair day. 
Also love this girl.
She is getting way too old for my comfort.


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  1. Oh wow, coolest manicure ever. You my friend are now pegged as the "cool" mom I'm sure.

  2. That manicure made me laugh... so awesome! Sorry about the dryer - hope it's getting fixed soon! And if it makes you feel better I watch almost all my favorite shows on my laptop!

    1. Jodi, I'm so glad to hear you watch your shows on the internet too. I feel silly but it's convenient!