Thursday, January 10, 2013

30 Things To Do During Deployment

Yesterday I blogged about my resolution to be more positive about deployment. I spent all day finishing my deployment "to-do" list. I enjoyed every minute of contemplation over what was list worthy. I hope this list may be inspiration for someone else going through deployment or just feeling "stuck". The list is long but I have PLENTY of time to complete my "to-do's", aka deployment bucket list. It will be interesting to see where the list takes me.


Visit a President’s Library

·      The Grove/ Farmer’s Market in LA
  Revisit Griffith Observatory with the S Family
·      Hike one new trail (01/19/2013)
·      Lunch date at a Winery

·      Read One Classic Lit Novel
·      Read One Non-Fiction novel
·      Learn to play Jesus Loves Me on the guitar
· Have a Birthday Party for Derrick
  Log 50 volunteer hours

·      Go to Lunch with a new friend
·      Go to Lunch with an old friend
·      Send 5 encouraging notes
·      Call one friend a week for a month

·      Try every fitness class at the gym
·      Submit resumes for 10 jobs
·      Lose 10 pounds
·      Bake goodies for every new family on my street (& introduce myself)     
  Organize the garage
 Organize the hall closet
·      DIY kitchen table
·      DIY Zac’s dresser
·      DIY book shelf
·      Organize master closet

·      Decorate Master Bedroom
·      Buy wall decor for kitchen
·      Buy new designer jeans when make goal
·      Buy electric mixer
  Buy Homecoming outfit!!! (01/16/13)

I'll be sure to keep you updated!



  1. Ohhh I love all these!!!! Especially visiting a President's library, that would be amazing. :)

  2. LOVE all of your ideas and cannot wait to see you cross them off your list :)

  3. Love!!!! When does he come home? We have 8 more months..... :/

    1. We have just about 6 months left. And Randi, did you know you were a no-reply blogger?

  4. Wonderful list! Enjoy crossing each item off :)

  5. Thanks all! I am very excited to have this list.