Friday, January 11, 2013


There is something about an Instagram/phone pic linkup which makes you realize how fast a week passes. My first picture was taken Friday afternoon as we said goodbye to my daughter's bestie. This Friday, Grandma arrives after a few days of visiting family up north. A lot happens in 7 days. If you want to see the full reel of our week, then you will want to follow me @semperfifam


One last hurrah with my daughter's BFF before she flew out on Friday afternoon.
I love any excuse to get to the Discovery Science Museum.
And so happy we made it for the gingerbread exhibit.

Who does this?!? Absolutely envious of the crafty creativity!
I just want to eat it.


Basketball. All. Day.
This guy plays some awesome defense.
His dad would be proud!

This picture never gets old. 
Lemon Drop Martini. Yum.

Saturday night I got to enjoy a nice dinner with my friend, Helen.
My mother-in-law stayed with the kids.
If closing down the restaurant is any indication of how needed this night was, 
then it was MUCH NEEDED!
I'm pretty sure I heard the lock latch behind us.


Oh Charlie. Your sweet angel face is so deceiving!
As are my constant pet pictures on Instagram.
Truth is the boy gets on my last nerve some days.
I'm pretty sure he thinks he is human... or a princess.


After dropping my MIL off with the family, I decided to pull off the freeway 
at a view point.
I love to watch the ocean. 
Every time I sit and look at it I'm drawn right back to Him.
The messages have been inaudibly louder and clearer lately.
Stop and Enjoy.



  1. that ginger bread community is unreal!! so cool!

  2. What a great week! Love the view and a lemon drop martini - I want!

  3. The gingerbread community is beautiful!! Love it. :) I would love a lemon drop martini right now haha.

  4. Wow those gingerbread houses! I looove lemon drop martinis! Woohoo you party animal you. :)

  5. Awwww Charlie is a cutie! I love pups! And that drink looks perfect!!!